NBC is set to produce and air the sequel to the hit mini-series "The Bible." The follow-up series will be titled "A.D.: Beyond The Bible" and supervised by Mark Burnett in partnership with his wife, Roma Downey.

The series will make a move from cable to broadcast and focus on the early history of Christian believers.

"The Bible" made its debut in March on The History Channel reaching 13 million viewers on the first episode and a finale watched by 11.7 million. The audience levels for the cable network were record-breaking which caused NBC to bid on the sequel, who has struggled to find a breakout hit.

Burnett is no stranger to NBC as he is the producer behind "The Voice," which has been a sparkling light on the peacock network.

"A.D.: Beyond The Bible" has not set a release date but is expected to debut in early 2014.

Do you think "The Bible" sequel will be a hit on NBC?