Donald Trump and Joe Biden
Joe Biden and Donald Trump may be set for a rematch in 2024. AFP

President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump secured key victories in their party primaries in New Hampshire, advancing their positions for the upcoming presidential election in November 2024. The wins highlight their strong party support, intensifying the anticipation for the closely contested race ahead.

According to projections from AP and CNN, Trump is poised to win the Republican primary with a substantial lead over his opponent, former U.S. ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley. Simultaneously, Biden secured the victory in the state through a write-in candidacy, despite not actively campaigning in the region.

Joe Biden's supporters
Supporters demonstrate at a Joe Biden Write-In Rally in Manchester, New Hampshire, on January 20, 2024. AFP

With over a third of the votes counted, Trump maintains a commanding lead in the GOP race, securing over 53.5% compared to Haley's 45.5%. Despite her setback in New Hampshire, Haley affirmed her commitment to a robust campaign. The former South Carolina governor congratulated Trump while cautioning that the race for the GOP nomination is "far from over."

Trump's triumph in the initial primaries in Iowa and New Hampshire positions him as the leading Republican contender with a strong likelihood of securing the nomination and going head-to-head with Biden in a potential rematch. However, the legal challenges he currently confronts may become a significant factor in voters' considerations, potentially impacting the overall dynamics of the race.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump arrives for a campaign rally in the basement ballroom of The Margate Resort on January 22, 2024 in Laconia, New Hampshire. GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA via AFP

According to the AP, Trump's standing in the GOP nomination process is atypical, given the 91 criminal charges he currently faces. These charges span a range of issues, including his unfounded claims of election interference, mishandling of classified documents, and allegations of payments to adult film actresses. Moreover, Trump holds the unprecedented distinction of being the first U.S. president to face impeachment twice in the nation's history.

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