Big Bang Seungri’s Scandals That Have Led To His Shocking Retirement

Big Bang member Seungri announced his retirement from the entertainment industry on Monday night, prompting a massive firestorm on Twitter. The K-pop idol saw himself involved in two controversies over the past week, thus receiving backlash from angry fans who wanted him kicked out of the popular K-pop group.

The K-pop idol has also been involved in other scandals throughout his career. Here are the biggest ones that have led to his retirement.

1. Naked photo with a Japanese woman

In 2012, a Japanese woman released some photos of Seungri lying half-baked in bed with her. The woman revealed the idol’s unusual habits during sex and released many other proof of her alleged one-night stand with the Big Bang member. Just five days later, Seungri was involved in a dating rumor with Japanese model Anna Kubo after they were photographed kissing passionately.

2. The Burning Sun Nightclub drugging scandal

Seungri, who is the owner of the Burning Sun Nightclub, came under fire earlier this year after allegedly directing his staff to provide sexual services to his investors. A Chinese woman working at the nightclub reportedly sold narcotics to VIP customers, while the other employees drugged female customers with rape drug gamma-hydroxybutyrate (GHB) so that their male VIPs could take advantage of them.

3. The Burning Sun assault case

In a statement, a victim of assault at the Burning Sun revealed that security guards of the nightclub physically assaulted him after trying to help a woman asking for help inside the club. He said he saw a man pull the woman by her armpits and in between her legs, while the woman held onto him as she tried to resist.

Apparently, the man grabbing him was about to sexually assault the woman, and the woman needed someone to rescue her. When he asked the security for backup, what he got was a collective beating from the guards and the people from the table — a clear proof that it’s normal for women to be sexually assaulted inside the Burning Sun.

4. Hooking up VIP clients with prostitutes

The sexual controversies surrounding the Burning Sun Nightclub were followed by shocking allegations involving a Kakao Talk exchange between the K-pop idol and three other parties. In the retrieved chat that took place in 2015, Seungri seemed to have been arranging female escorts to serve potential investors for his business. In one text, Seungri wrote, “Pick the ones who’ll sleep with them without a fuss.”

5. Birthday bash on Palawan Island, Philippines

After cancelling the remaining stops for his solo tour in Japan and Indonesia, Seungri was spotted in a massive birthday bash in the Philippines. The said birthday bash was reportedly a trial run for Burning Sun, and it was attended by the club’s major investors, whose flights and accommodation he paid for. In an expose, a club hostess revealed that Seungri was her regular customer and that he had invited her to the all-expense paid trip but on the condition that she would bring along her pretty friends

. Big Bang Seungri Seungri, G-Dragon, Taeyang, T.O.P, Daesung of South Korean boy band Big Bang attend MTV Europe Music Awards 2011. Seungri has just announced on Instagram his retirement from the industry. Ian Gavan/Getty Images

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