The White House held a series of live-tweeting events Wednesday under the moniker of the Big Block Of Cheese Day . White House Domestic Policy Council Director Cecilia Muñoz got into the spirit for the day by posting a photo of herself on Twitter wearing a large, swiss cheese-shaped hat with a block of packaged cheddar on her desk. Muñoz embraced embraced cheese puns tweeting that the public “feta” have their questions ready.

“Havarti started getting ready to wear [my cheese hat] at 1:00,” she tweeted, punning on the soft danish cheese “Send questions using #BigBlockOfCheeseDay. It'll brie great!”

The Big Block Of Cheese Day is “inspired by President Andrew Jackson’s 1837 open house featuring a 1,400-pound block of cheese,” according the the White House. While Jackson’s own open house may have been little more than a shrewd regifting ceremony, the modern day White House event is aimed at public engagement and is inspired by more fictional events.

They day gets its name from the fictional administration of President Josiah Bartlet, a character from the West Wing television series. The real White House has even been buoyed by actors who played characters in the series, such as Bradley Whitford who played Bartlet’s angsty policy director Josh Lyman. In the show, the event was meant to give access to interest groups who did not have powerful lobbies.

Muñoz selectively answered questions on immigration, education and other issues. This reporter asked the la directora about her feelings on Associated Press style guidelines that omit the letter “ñ” that indicates the “gnh” sound on Muñoz’s name.

“I camembert,” Muñoz replied, naming the creamy French cheese that sounds like “I can not bear it,” adding that “it would be nice if they could spell my name correctly ññññññ.”

Another question put to Muñoz, regarding the low admission rate s of Central American refugees through in-country asylum, was not answered. It also did not contain a cheese-related pun. The director did take a question about Central American migrants, as well as one about federal benefits to immigrants.

On "what the U.S. is doing to halt the deportations that is separating families," Muñoz said that DHS is following it's deportation priorities, citing an end of year report. She also pointed to a State Department announcement that the U.S. is partnering with the U.N. to expand refugee centers outside of the U.S.

Here are a few more tweets from the White House.

As Muñoz sat down for questions...

... she adjusted her hat. She answered questions about immigration, the enye,

And other topics. 

and other topics.

She wasn’t the only one tweeting or punning. Lobby groups also joined the fun.