“Big Little Lies” Season 2 just saw a heated custody battle between Celeste (Nicole Kidman) and Mary-Louise (Meryl Streep) over the former’s children. But it has also been revealed that things will get worse between the two characters in the upcoming episodes.

While speaking with Entertainment Weekly, newcomer Denis O’Hare, who plays the role of Mary-Louise’s pitbull lawyer Ira Ferber, shared details on what will happen in episode 6. O’Hare said that there will be a huge scene between Celeste and Mary-Louise in the upcoming installment.

“Obviously, neither party is willing to back down, and so, these things inevitably end up in court,” he said. “It’s a pretty dramatic showdown in court. It’s kind of why I took the job — [there’s] an amazing scene between Nicole and I that goes on for like 13 pages. It’s pretty crazy,” he added.

“Big Little Lies” Season 2 revolves mainly around finding the person who killed Perry (Alexander Skarsgard). The five female characters in the hit HBO series know the truth, but they are covering for each other. But the arrival of Ira could cause problems because he’s a good lawyer who also knows the characters’ secrets.

“He’s a smart enough lawyer that he is going to use anything to impeach the witness knowing that some of the information, even though it’s pretty dramatic, might end up being irrelevant in a weird way,” O’Hare said. “There are definitely going to be some feints in a direction that seems pretty scary for Nicole’s character.”

Meanwhile, “Big Little Lies” was supposed to air an iconic scene in episode 5 that involves ice cream. However, it has been revealed that the scene was cut during the final edit.

While speaking with Entertainment Tonight, Streep said that Reese Witherspoon informed her that Mary-Louise and Madeline’s (Witherspoon) ice cream throw scene has been edited out. But there's good news for fans because the cryptic scene will be included in the DVD extras.

A photo of Madeline throwing ice cream at Mary-Louise’s head was first uploaded online via Twitter in August of last year. At that time, the two actors playing their roles were on the set of “Big Little Lies.”

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