Nicole Kidman just dropped a surprising spoiler from the upcoming second season of “Big Little Lies.” The actress shared the news while at an event for the hit HBO series.

On Wednesday, Kidman discussed the death of Perry Wright (Skarsgard) last season. Kidman, who plays the role of Perry’s abused wife, Celeste Wright, said that she had a blast working with Skarsgard in Season 2.

But since the actor has been killed off last season, Skarsgard shouldn’t have been part of Season 2. Kidman telling the fans that she has a great time working with her co-star just confirmed that Skarsgard will still be featured in “Big Little Lies” Season 2.

However, Kidman didn’t reveal exactly how Skarsgard’s character will be written into the series. It is possible that Perry will be featured in flashbacks because he fell down the stairs in Season 1 and was shown to be dead.

According to People, Kidman’s co-star Reese Witherspoon tried to stop the former from disclosing more information about Season 2. Witherspoon became slightly concerned, and she reportedly motioned Kidman to stop talking, and the latter did.

“Big Little Lies” Season 2 will premiere on HBO on June 9. The upcoming episodes will revolve around the police officers finding the person who killed Perry. Meryl Streep will also be joining the cast as Perry’s mom, Mary Louise.

Ahead of the show’s premiere, the cast of “Big Little Lies” have said a number of wonderful things about Streep. While speaking with Variety, Kidman called the award-winning actress “the great one” and “a complete pro.”

Witherspoon dubbed Streep as an absolute legend and the sweetest, most humble and fun-loving person she has ever met. Laura Dern said that Streep is so funny and has a great sense of humor.

“She’s so smart, witty, and funny,” Dern said. “She tells the funniest stories,” she added. Dern and Streep also teamed up on the adaptation of “Little Woman.”

“I got to be with her again!” Dern exclaimed. “It’s just a dream of my life coming true. Having her to talk to, having her to guide you, having her to teach you.”

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