The pandemic hasn’t been easy on any of us, but Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is grateful for the privileges that make staying home a lot easier -- working remotely included.

“I’m microwaving more food, and I’m getting you to know fairly good at it,” said Gates, in an interview with an American publication. The business magnate has been unabashedly honest about his lack of culinary skills. Back in the year 2009, Gates mentioned how he never got around to making a healthy meal for himself and ended up bingeing on junk food a lot more than he should’ve in his younger days.

While he’s probably not trying to YouTube ways to bake banana bread to perfection, Gates is investing the unforeseen time indoors in an activity he really enjoys– reading. Gates has also been binge-watching shows with wife Melina – ABC’s “A Million Little Things,” NBC’s “This Is Us” and Netflix’s “Ozark.” are some of Gates’ favorites.

Gates has been arduously following the Quarantine rules down to a T – and ensures that he never really steps out without a mask on, neither does he default on the social distancing rule. While Gates believes that an occasional game of tennis serves as a welcome distraction from the lockdown restrictions, he’s doubly sure to be careful and avoid sharing balls. “We don’t go near each other, so even that is done in a fairly specialized way,” he said.

The Bill and Melina Gates Foundation has contributed $ 350 million to date, towards the COVID-19 pandemic. “Relative to people who have got a small house, with lots of kids, don’t have a good internet connection, the pandemic sadly is less painful for those who are better off before the pandemic,” he said, expressing gratitude about being comfortable amid a global health crisis. “There’s been a lot of pluses to going with the minuses,” he added.

Gates has also been gaming indoors, quite like the most of us. He’s been playing a lot of Online bridge, a popular card game, lately with close friend Warren Buffett. Gates has a recommendation for those who want to learn how to play Bridge Base, a digital platform.

As working from home becomes the norm, Gates admits that he was initially skeptical but is now pleasantly surprised at how he's able to get a lot of stuff done. “When we told all these employees not to come into the office, I thought the loss of productivity actually would be quite a bit higher than it has been,” Gates said in the report. “Overall the productivity penalty for office work, including software engineering, has been way less than I would have expected.”

Bill Gates Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates reacts after hitting as he plays table tennis during the Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting weekend in Omaha, Nebraska May 3, 2015. REUTERS/Rick Wilking