“The Blacklist” Season 6 is getting better than ever. It seems that Red finally got wind that Dembe might know the identity of the person who turned him in. Meanwhile, clues about the enigmatic Katarina just surfaced, which seems to suggest that she might still be alive.

“Lady Luck” Recap

In the previous episode titled “Lady Luck,” there was a subplot about a wife driven mad by her husband addicted to gambling. On the night she was giving birth to their second child, the husband sneaked out to bet on a lottery ticket. The good news was that he won. The bad news was that he was in a car crash that killed their eldest child.

This drove the wife to madness. No, she was not the raving kind of mad woman, but she became obsessed in ridding the world of gambling addicts like her husband. With the lottery winnings, she set up her own operation where she will wipe out all the debts of a gambling addict so long as he kills another gambler chosen by her. What the newly debt-free gambler did not know is that he is the next in line on the mad wife’s kill list.

Meanwhile, Red is collecting from those who owe him, and it’s a scary sight to behold. That’s because they all paid with their lives. Upon learning that Smokey was using Red’s network to distribute meth across the country, Redding promptly dropped him from a plane as an example.

“The Blacklist” Season 6 Episode 17 Spoilers

Dembe was with Red when Smokey plunged to his death. Now there are speculations saying that killing Smokey might be Reddington’s way of warning Dembe to better come clean and tell him what he knows before it’s too late.

This could mean that Red is giving Dembe one last chance, probably for the sake of their long-time partnership and friendship. Will Dembe tell Red that it was Liz who turned Red in?

Meanwhile, Ressler came up with interesting results from his investigation into Red’s real identity. But surprisingly, it is about Liz’s mother, Katarina, and her grandmother, who is actually living in the US under the name of Virginia King.

Now spoilers are saying that both Liz’s mother and grandmother might still be alive and might soon surface. Well, this is not too surprising for long-time fans since they most probably suspected that Katarina’s death might just be a ruse to cover up her tracks. Will fans finally see the real Katarina in the upcoming episode?

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