Blanca Soto is one of Telemundo's new acquisition and filming for her new telenovela "Señora Acero" is already underway in México. It seems like Soto is taking her "woman of steel" role way too serious as she gave off that vibe during her presentation on Premios Tu Mundo 2014. The "El Talismán" star took the stage with Daddy Yankee to present an award for Favorite Telenovela Actor. Blanca is not the best of actresses, but her job was solely to read the teleprompter and those horrible unfunny jokes. Daddy Yankee put on his best effort to play it cool and be funny, but Soto on the other hand looked like she was forced to be there and had a million better places to be than at the American Airlines Arena in Miami. She didn't even want to look at the reggaetonero and looked extremely annoyed. To be fair, the written banter was not funny at all and anybody would be irritated reading that. 

The nasty moment came when they announced the winner Rafael Amaya for his role on "El Señor De Los Cielos." At the moment where the actor that plays Aurelio Casillas takes the stage Blanca took a step away and out of his way. Rafael reached out to her, she extended her hand, but he went in for a kiss on the cheek. Amaya wanted to be spontaneous and take a selfie with Daddy and Blanca. While the "Rompe" singer was all about living the moment, Blanca opted to be the photographer despite Rafa's insistence that he wanted her to be included in the photo. They scurried and instead got the model at the event to be in the picture. After this moment, Twitter was rampant with negative criticism towards the actress calling her from "mamona" to "antipatica." Let's just hope this action doesn't have negative repercussions on her upcoming telenovela that is set to premiere on September 22 following the "El Señor De Los Cielos" Season 2 finale. Read some of the tweets reacting to the moment down below and the awkward moment!