Blanca Soto Apologizes For Selfie Snub!
The "Señora Acero" actress has apologized for the confusion and says it wasn't her intention to snub Rafael Amaya during Premios Tu Mundo. Getty

Blanca Soto's public relations team was working overdrive after the "Señora Acero" star lived up to her fictional telenovela character and snubbed Rafael Amaya during Premios Tu Mundo. The 35-year-old actress and rumored girlfriend of Fernando Colunga, rejected taking a selfie with the "El Señor de los Cielos" actor ruining a thrilling moment. Soto was shamed on social media causing her and Amaya to become trending topics worldwide on Twitter. The backlash was huge and could possibly have negative repercussions on the upcoming premiere of her new narco telenovela. Being that Soto and Amaya are managed by the same agency, a response from the actress was sure to follow soon.

The actress of the massively unsuccessful "El Talismán" took to the blue bird social network to apologize for the incident. "I feel so embarrassed that trying to have a good intention with my colleague Rafael Amaya was misinterpreted and generated so much controversy because I preferred to take a lovely picture with his award instead of including me in it," she wrote in her statement. "In no moment I did that with any other intention and it wasn't rejecting him because we've known each other for many years. In this moment we are sharing the same family working together with the 'Señora Acero' project. I am only left with apologizing if in any more I caused a displeasure. Once again congratulations to Rafa for his excellent job."

There's no more that can be done from a public relations perspective. Since both celebs are managed by the same agency and they both work for the same network, maybe they can take a selfie and upload it to Twitter to show there's no animosity? Either way, the public saw what they saw and only time will tell if "Señora Acero" is affected by this negativity. What if it was all just a publicity stunt and they are rivals in the telenovela? What do you think? Was this apology sincere or just a PR team working overdrive? Relive the snub down below and tell us what you think!

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