Thirty Haitian migrants were killed when their overcrowded freighter grounded then capsized off Staniel Cay, Bahamas. The Unites States Coast Guard announced on Tuesday that 110 people had been rescued. The 40-foot boat capsized Monday night, it was located about 15 nautical miles off the coast of Staniel Cay. Some of the survivors were able to get themselves into rafts, while 13 had to be air lifted from the water. The U.S Coast Guard was working with the Royal Bahamas Defense Force to drop food and supplied to the people in the rafts.

The destination of the Haitian migrants is unknown. Haitian migrants will often head to the Bahamas or pass by on their way to the United States. The Royal Bahamas Defense Force was alerted to the situation by fishermen in the area. The organization then turned to the American Coast Guard for assistance. Lt. Gabe Somma of the U.S Coast Guard spoke with the New York Times about the accident. "This is just another example that highlights the dangers of illegal migration and taking to the sea," Somma said.

"The sea is unforgiving. These are dangerous vessels. They are unbalanced, over loaded and they are not stable," Lt. Somma said. Tragedies involving Haitian migrants taking to the sea is not uncommon. This is the second time in a month that Haitians seeking to escape their current lives died in the attempt. Four Haitian women were killed in October when their boat capsized about 25 miles from Miami Beach. In 2013 alone 1,550 Haitian migrants were rescued or intercepted in the Bahamas. In December 2011 38 Haitians were found dead near Cuba after their boat sank.

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