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UFC fighter Conor McGregor has denied allegations stating that he attacked a woman on his yacht last summer in Ibiza.

An Irish woman allegedly filed a formal complaint against UFC fighter Conor McGregor on July 17, 2022, alleging that he assaulted her and threatened to drown her at a party in July on his yacht in Ibiza, prompting her to flee the boat by jumping into the water, ESPN reported.

However, McGregor's representative Karen Kessler denied the claims in a statement.

"Mr. McGregor is steadfast in his denial of all the accusations made by a guest on his boat," Kessler's statement reads.

McGregor reportedly celebrated his birthday on July 16, 2022, at an Ibiza club, a party the victim said she attended. According to the victim's complaint, McGregor invited her into the VIP area and then onto his yacht with McGregor's girlfriend and friends. The woman states that she's from the same neighborhood as McGregor and knew him before he was a UFC star.

The next day morning, the woman alleged that McGregor got surprisingly aggressive and became violent with her out of nowhere. He then allegedly punched her in the stomach and chin, lunged at her, and threatened to drown her. Terrified, the woman jumped into the water to escape and was rescued by a Red Cross boat, Yahoo News reported.

“It was as if he were possessed," she said. "I knew I had to get out of the boat because I thought he was going to kill me."

Initially, the unnamed woman told police that the attacker was not McGregor.

However, the woman later stated that she didn't accuse McGregor initially because she was in shock. She added that she was only wearing a bikini while she spoke with authorities, had no money or phone with her, and just wanted to return to her hotel in Ibiza as quickly as possible.

Following the complaint, authorities in Ibiza have since reopened a criminal investigation into the allegations.

McGregor was previously accused of sexual assault in Corsica, France, in 2020. McGregor denied those allegations. Authorities declined to pursue the case, citing insufficient evidence. In 2019, McGregor was charged with assault after he was caught on video punching a man in a Dublin bar. He was fined $1,120 for that incident.

An Ibiza judge will now take statements from the woman and witnesses and then make a decision on whether McGregor will be cited for a felony.

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