Unfortunately, “Boku No Hero Academia” Chapter 262 won’t be released this week as the team is on a one-week hiatus. However, there are plenty of predictions of what the upcoming manga installment might bring, some of which will be discussed here.

“Boku No Hero Academia” Chapter 262 Predictions

One of the biggest surprises in recent chapters is Mirko. No one expected her to have grown so powerful recently and fans are excited to see how far she can go in terms of battle prowess.

It looks like fans won’t be disappointed in “Boku No Hero Academia” Chapter 262. The scientist will be trying to make his escape from the lab and the only way to do that was to use his high-level Nomus to deal with Mirko.

In fact, they’ve already briefly clashed in the previous chapter. The Pro-Hero was up against numerous powerful Nomus but still manage to break free from being surrounded. This shows just how powerful Miro has become.

But the Nomus has numerical advantage in “Boku No Hero Academia” Chapter 262. In addition, there are indications that Mirko might no longer in her top fighting form, according to EconoTimes. She was seen a bit bloodied with various visible injuries.

But even if she manages to defeat all of the high-level Nomus in “Boku No Hero Academia” Chapter 262, she will still be facing one tough opponent. Tomura Shigaraki is actually inside the laboratory that Mirko just barged in and, if push comes to shove, Tomura will likely fight against Mirko even if he hasn’t fully powered up yet.

Meanwhile, events happening in other Paranormal Liberation Front strongholds might also be featured in “Boku No Hero Academia” Chapter 262. It can be recalled that various Pro-Heroes have already been dispatched to these areas as they want to deal with the group in one fell swoop.

“Boku No Hero Academia” Chapter 262 Release Date

Unfortunately, fans will have to wait a bit longer for the next manga installment to drop. Apparently, the team is on a break this week, which means that there will be no release this coming Monday, February 24.

But work on the manga will resume next week. Thus, the “Boku No Hero Academia” Chapter 262 release date will be on March 2, 2020.

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