It appears the results of the Brazilian Presidential elections is not yet a closed book with former president Jair Bolsonora reportedly questioning the outcome.

According to the Associated Press, Bolsonaro is singling out a software bug and is demanding that the electoral authority annul votes cast on most of Brazil’s nation’s electronic voting machines.

This is despite experts claiming that the said bug does not affect the reliability of the results.

Regardless, Bolsonaro would benefit if his complaint stands out. It would see him with 51% of the remaining valid votes and a re-election win according to Marcelo de Bessa.

The lawyer was the one who filed the 33-page request on behalf of the president and his Liberal Party.

Regardless, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has already been declared the winner of the last elections with most presidential allies also accepting the results. However, there are still those – particularly protesters supporting Bolsonaro – who do not want to concede just yet.

This cropped up after Liberal Party leader Valdemar Costa and an auditor hired by the party told reporters in Brasilia that their evaluation found all machines dating from before 2020 — nearly 280,000 of them, or about 59% of the total used in the Oct. 30 runoff — lacked individual identification numbers in internal logs, Yahoo reported.

Both are unable to explain how this bug may affect the election results. Regardless, they are asking the electoral authority to invalidate all the votes cast on the affected machines.

The complaint goes on to add that the bug has caused “irreparable non-compliance due to malfunction” that called into question the authenticity of the results.

The electoral authority also warned that issuing such a ruling may also affect their party.

According to Alexander de Moraes, the court will not consider the complaint unless the party offers an amended report within 24 hours. This would need to include results from the first electoral round held on Oct. 2, in which the Liberal Party won more seats in both congressional houses than any other.

Lula and Bolsonaro Debate Face to Face Ahead of Historic Run-off
Candidate of Worker’s Party (PT) Luiz Inácio Lula Da Silva (L) and President of Brazil and presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro speak to each other during the presidential debate organized by Bandeirantes TV ahead of the run-off on October 16, 2022 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Alexandre Schneider/Getty Images.

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