A 32-minute audio recording of young girl confessing that her father had raped her went viral on Saturday. On the same day, the viral recording reached the victim’s brother. The boy was extremely disturbed about the horrendous revelations in their family, he later died by suicide.

The boy jumped into the Narmada canal in the Sanchore area of Jalore, Rajasthan. India TV reported that a young girl was allegedly raped by her own father as heard through an audio clip wherein she narrates the whole story to her aunt, investigators said on Sunday. The police immediately started an investigation after hearing the viral recording, but they only learned of the suicide when they arrived at the victim’s home.

Police added that the hunt for the girl’s father is ongoing as he had fled from their home before the authorities got there.

In the purported audio clip, the young girl was talking to her aunt and confessed that in one incident, her father took her in his car after promising that he will be buying her a new mobile phone. Instead, her own father raped her inside the vehicle. The exact location of the crime was not clear in the recording.

The victim also said that her mother had asked her father to bring her brother along that day, but the father refused to do so, India Today reported. Moreover, the young girl is also heard telling her aunt that her father committed several sexual advances at night while she was sleeping.

Times Now reported that in the viral audio recording, the victim's aunt also told the girl that she should not be sleeping alone. Instead, the girl should just sleep with her grandmother. To this, the young girl claimed that her father does not allow her to go out of their home by herself nor let the girl speak with other people, even with members of the family. The victim later wished nothing but her own father’s death as she claimed that she was helpless.

Also in the purported clip, the girl revealed that her mother often scolded her for shouting at her father over his inappropriate behavior.

Child Rape
A man has been arrested for allegedly repeatedly raping his minor daughter and subjecting her to numerous abuses for the past seven years in Ambala, Haryana, India. This is a representational image. Pixabay