Brad Pitt reportedly confronted one of Angelina Jolie’s bodyguards after learning that he’s flirting with his ex-wife. A recent report claimed that Pitt was pissed off that Jolie’s been flirting with her bodyguard in front of their children.

Pitt and Jolie have not been living together for three years now. Despite that, Pitt reportedly doesn’t want Jolie to hook up with other men. That’s why when he learned that something’s been going on between Jolie and her bodyguard, he immediately took action.

According to the publication that published the report, Jolie hired a new bodyguard to keep her and her kids safe. However, Jolie has reportedly grown closer to her new bodyguard, and now she’s obviously into him.

“Angelina is always smiling when she’s with him,” the publication’s source allegedly said. “They have great chemistry. She seems to melt whenever she’s around this guy. Brad recently got wind that Angie has nice little flirtation going with her bodyguard and decided he needed to stop it,” the source added.

What pisses Pitt off more is reportedly the fact that Jolie and her bodyguard are doing their thing in front of their kids. Pitt reportedly finds it extremely unprofessional, so he decided to warn the bodyguard to stop.

The source claimed that Pitt had planned to have some time alone with the bodyguard by asking him to accompany him to a film festival. “The word is that Brad asked the bodyguard to accompany him to the Venice Film Festival under the guise of needing extra security,” the suspicious tipster claimed. “And while there, he confronted the guy and told him to watch himself,” the source added.

According to the source, Pitt told the bodyguard to stay professional at all times when he’s with Jolie. “That means no romance or suggestive talk,” he allegedly said.

This is not the first time that a report about Jolie’s alleged affair with one of her bodyguards came out. A tabloid also published the same story in June, but a source close to Jolie denied that Jolie was developing a relationship with her bodyguard.

Gossip Cop also spoke with Pitt’s spokesperson to confirm the recent report. However, the source described the tabloid report as a total nonsense.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Photo of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Getty Images