Angelina Jolie is reportedly having secret sleepovers with Bradley Cooper. A tabloid report claimed earlier this week that Jolie and Cooper had already upped their romance from simple dates to secret sleepovers. This reportedly prompted Brad Pitt to step forward and warn his good friend Cooper against his ex-wife.

Reports about Angelina Jolie dating the “A Star Is Born” actor and director started to surface earlier this month when a source claimed that the two had a date at Disneyland with their children. Several fans allegedly spotted the “Maleficent” star arriving at Disneyland with four of her children and meeting Cooper there, who brought with him his daughter with ex-partner Irina Shayk.

Now, gone are the days when Jolie and Cooper would just settle for an afternoon stroll around Disneyland or a sumptuous meal at a restaurant. According to a more recent report, the rumored couple has been enjoying down-low date nights at their homes in Los Angeles and has been sleeping together at times.

According to the tabloid’s source, Jolie and Cooper’s romance started after a business meeting was held at Jolie’s place in Los Feliz two months ago. “Neither Bradley nor Ange like the spotlight, so they were hardly going to stroll hand-in-hand down Hollywood Boulevard,” the suspicious source was quoted as saying.

The phony source went on to claim that Jolie and Cooper’s friends are impressed at how they’ve been able to keep their secret for very long. “Apparently there’s been a lot of cloak and dagger,” the source allegedly said. “Bradley waits at his Pacific Palisades place until it gets dark — in case there are any photographers around — then jumps on his motorcycle,” the source added.

The source further said that once Cooper gets to speed down the Los Angeles freeway and arrives at Jolie’s house, he makes sure he slips right into her home unnoticed.

Bradley Cooper Photo of Bradley Cooper waving. Mario Antonio Pena Zapatería/Flickr

Upon learning about their budding romance, Pitt, who happens to be Cooper’s friend, allegedly warned Cooper against Jolie. The “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood” star allegedly told Cooper to be careful when dealing with his ex-wife.

“Brad had the worse two years of his life after splitting from Ange,” the source allegedly told Cooper. “He’s told Bradley that she’s a poison chalice and to tread carefully.”

While Pitt and Cooper are friends in real life, it’s not true that Pitt warned him against dating Jolie. In fact, Gossip Cop learned from a source close to Jolie that the dating rumors linking Jolie to Cooper are all fabricated. Jolie and Cooper do not know each other at all, so it doesn’t make sense to create a fake love connection between the two Hollywood stars.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are pictured attending the WSJ Magazine Innovator Awards on Nov. 4, 2015, in New York City. Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images