Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie took everyone by surprise when they confirmed that they’re splitting after more than a decade of being together. Years after their divorce announcement in 2016, however, their fans look back on their once lovely marriage and realize that their relationship was actually doomed from the start.

Pitt and Jolie’s affair began after they starred together in “Mr. & Mrs. Smith.” Their chemistry was so strong that as people watched them together on-screen, many almost forgot that Pitt was actually married to Jennifer Aniston at that time.

When they confirmed their relationship months later, fans of Aniston were infuriated at Pitt. But those who loved Pitt and Jolie’s tandem in “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” glorified them as the new hottest couple in Hollywood.

But as US Magazine noted, Pitt and Jolie always had a knack for showcasing the state of their relationship through the big screen. While their insane chemistry in “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” clearly signaled that they were heating up romantically both on- and off-screen, their next film together, “By The Sea,” seemed to somewhat spell out their imminent split.

Written and directed by Jolie herself, “By The Sea” was a flat-out film featuring a couple who endlessly bickered about their diverging careers and children. Because it was Jolie who wanted Pitt and herself to portray the troubled couple, many couldn’t help but believe that it somewhat intended to reflect the actual state of their marriage at that time.

“It is fair to say that because of the nature of this particular movie, they opened themselves up to scrutiny about the state of their union,” noted US Magazine. “When Pitt and Jolie traveled ‘By the Sea,’ maybe they were trying to tell us their marriage was adrift.”

But fans of  Pitt and Jolie believe that their relationship was doomed even from the start because the foundation of their marriage was lust, not love. “When two people use lust as a barometer for their relationship and they deceive others in the process, the relationship will fail,” one fan noted on Quora.

Another fan noted that it was doomed to fail because it was a mistake from the beginning. “When Brad left Jennifer for Angie, Angelina Jolie was always referenced as the gold standard for women,” the fan said.

“[Seven] years before, Jennifer was the TV sweetheart, that’s when Brad romanced her,” the fan added, saying that it was wrong for both Pitt and Jolie to entertain their feelings for each other when they knew Pitt was a married man.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Photo of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Getty Images