Part of the stadium slated to host the opening games of the 2014 World Cup has collapsed killing three people. Local media in Sao Paulo, Brazil say that the building was partly destroyed when a crane collapsed. The stadium was scheduled to be completed by this December. The damage is likely to set construction back. A total of 12 new stadiums are under construction for the 2014 Cup. FIFA gave builders until December to have all 12 finished. The Itaquerao Stadium was almost 100-percent complete.

The head of the Fire Department in Sao Paulo, Mauro Lopes confirmed to a local radio station that the death toll was at three so far but may rise. When completed the stadium would hold 68,000 seats. Others may be trapped inside the stadium. Rescue workers are in the process of looking for survivors. Brazil is having an issue getting all 12 of their stadiums ready for the December deadline. Six of the stadiums, including Itaquerao are not yet ready for the games.

Brazilian citizens have expressed their disappointment in the financial aid the government is putting into the building of the stadiums. Violent protests have broken out across the country and demonstrators have demanded the government put money back into education and helping the lower middle class and poor. Danny Jordan, the man behind South Africa's 2010 preparations said in a statement on Tuesday that Brazil may have to start working around the clock in order to get the six remaining arenas ready for the World Cup.

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