Keep your eyes glued here as we bring you all the latest live updates, images, scores, highlights and coverage of the 2014 World Cup Quartefinal elimination game between Brazil and Colombia:

There's the final whistle. Brazil wins 2-1!

90' + 4: Great chances for Colombia in stoppage time, but Brazil is diggning in and holding on!

90': 5 minutes of stoppage time. One last chance for Colombia!

88': Neymar is down. He is hurt and coming off the pitch. He was fouled hard in the back and is carried off the pitch and headed straight to the locker room. The crowd is stunned. Let's see if Brazil can hold on. It's 2-1 Brazil

With that goal, James Rodriguez becomes the youngest player since Pele to score six goals in the World Cup.

Here is James Rodriguez's penalty kick:


83': Colombia is attacking! Three corners back to back to back. A couple close calls, but Brazil is digging in. 

We have ourselves a game again. The next 10 minutes are going to be intense!

80': He does it! GOOOOAL! James Rodriguez converts the penality kick with a great pause and buries it into the back of the net. His 6th goal of the tournament!

79': James Rodriguez is going to take the penalty kick. This would be his 6th goal of the tournament if he gets it!

78': Julio Cesar challanges and tackles Carlos Bacca in the box. The referee delivers a yellow card. It's a penality kick!

Colombia's Goalie Ospina with a huge mistake for Colombia. What was he thinking on that free kick by David Luiz. Luiz had a nice shot that found the back of the net in the top right corner, but that easily should have been saved.



67': Yellow card for James Rodriguez on his first offense. Now the referee is trigger happy. Free kick for Brazil

66': Colombia thought they had the equalizer when a free kick went into the box and bounced a round like a pin ball before Yepes found the back of the net, but the referee assistant signaled offsides.

64': Announcers have been talking all game about the fact that there has been over 40 fouls in the match and not a single yellow card. Than the man of the match so far, Thiago Silva, commits a stupid play by running into the Colombian goalkeeper while he was attempting a goal kick. First booking of the match

58': Opportunity for Colombia as Rodriguez gives a great pass to Freddy Guarin whose shot sails high over the net.


Footage from the first half, Neymar was caught on camera slipping and falling while running to celebrate with his teammates. Like a true champion however, he stayed on the ground and celebrated.


51': Free kick by Neymar but nothing doing...

50': Free kick for Colombia and Cuadrado, looked like an opportunity after the play dissolved as James Rodriguez makes a great pass to Cuadrado, but Cesar snuffs the play.

The second half is under way, Colombia makes a substitution, Adrian Ramos comes in for Victor Ibarbo.

After one half of play, it is 1-0 Brazil. Can Colombia get the equalizer or will Brazil cruise to victory? Here is one thing we do know, both teams can dance:




Here's some things to keep you company while we are on break:



44' Free kick for Neymar before the end of first half. He is off the mark as it goes wide right. 

38': Another free kick for Rodriguez and it is saved easily by Julio Cesar.

36': Free kick for Colombia. Only 20 yards from the goal. Looks like Guarin will take the kick, he's planning with Cuadrado and Rodriguez. Rodriguez sneaks it to take it and Neymar cheats the line and blocks the kick! There is no way Neymar was 10 yards away behind the referee's line. Neymar should have been booked for that blatant cheat. 

28': Colombia is under attack again. Another shot by Hulk, another save by Ospina, the rebound goes to Oscar who shoots, another save to Oscar! Is this USA vs. Belgium?

20': Great little one, two, give and go by Hulk and Neymar. Hulk with a shot but a great save by Ospina! Rebound out to Oscar, another shot, ANOTHER save by Ospina. Colombia turns it over. They are looking very sloppy. Brazil is pumped!

Thus far in the battle between Neymar and James Rodriguez, Neymar has the one up with an assist.

18': Yepes clears the corner, but right to Hulk. Hulk makes a great move to get into the box and gets a shot but it is finally cleared. Colombia looks shaky.

17': Another corner kick for Brazil. Neymar is taking it again.They were succesful on the last one...

14': James Rodriguez goes down from a hard foul by Fernadhino. Brazil has him as a marked man so far and their plan of attack is to be extremely physical with him. 

Thiago Silva's GOAL:


12': Fun Fact: James Rodriguez was only one year old the last time Colombia beat Brazil. They have never beaten Brazil on Brazilian soil. 

11': Cuadrado with a great chance in the box just misses off his left foot to the right of the goal. Corner kick for Colombia.

Russell Brand weighs in:


This will be very interesting to see how Colombia responds now. They have never been behind this entire tournament, and never had a come from behind win in qualiifying or in World Cup play. 

Thiago Silva with the goal for the hosts. Neymar with the corner kick, everyone on the pitch thinks its going to the near post and pushes up, but it sails over all their heads and Silva is waiting all alone at the far post to tap it in. 1-0 Brazil. 


It will be interesting to see if Colombia sits back and shows respect to Brazil as they may just be content getting it this far. Or will they take it to the hosts as they have in their other matches.

4': Free kick for Neymar and it curls wide to the left of the net.

Colombia has never been here before. This is the first time they have ever reached the quarterfinals. However, in this tournament, they are the ONLY team to have won every game so far in regulation.

0': We have kick off. Colombia is wearing Red for this game as both team's traditional colors are yellow and Brazil is the home team.

Watch James Rodriuez play a prank on one of his teammates:


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