José Ramos dos Santos Jigsaw profile pic
José Ramos dos Santos' Facebook profile picture posted in 2014 is a painting of Jigsaw, the fictional serial-killer from the Saw horror film franchise. Facebook / José Ramos dos Santos

José Ramos dos Santos, 23, of São Paulo, reportedly confessed to killing his pregnant girlfriend after he learned that she had cheated on him. He allegedly strangled her to death, possibly in a drugged or drunken rage, before hiding her body in his house. After the corpse began to rot, he severed the head of the corpse and dumped the rest of the body nearby. His victim, Shirley Souza, 16, was 7 months pregnant.

Dos Santos confessed to the crime, first on Facebook and then at the local police station, where he brought Souza’s head in a backpack. Dos Santos allegedly posted one photo of the head on his Facebook page, with the captions “betrayal of our [relationship] ... lies ... hate,” and a copy of the same photo alongside Souza’s alleged lover with the caption “you betrayed me on New Year’s Eve,” according to G1 who decided not to publish the photos.

“Today I am so sad due to what was presented on Facebook by that friend [...] My God where are we going with so much violence and and lack of love for others?” said Nair Vilela, one of dos Santos’ Facebook friends, on her Wall. “People who don’t have God in their hearts commit so much violence,” she wrote.

On his Facebook account, dos Santos took the strange name of “Zél Past Troubled.” His profile picture was an oil painting of Jigsaw, the fictional character from the Saw horror film series. It was on that account that dos Santos first confessed killing de Souza, according to screenshots sent to G1.

Friend: Where is Shirley? You wretched bastard, what did you do with Shirley you [possesed person]!

Zél Past Troubled: I killed her and now she’s going to drag me to hell.

Friend: It appears that you are going to hell because I'm going to send you there, you disgraceful person.

Zél Past Troubled: Okay, gotcha.

It’s unclear if dos Santos was repentant. The Mirror, a UK publication, reported that he confessed because he felt “regret” about his crime. But according to UOL, “the assasin did not show remorse.”

“She deserved to die, yes. But later I realized that her family didn’t deserve this,” dos Santos said, according to UOL.

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