President Jair Bolsanaro's latest pick for education minister has been forced to step down after rising controversies about his credentials.

According to a report, Carlos Decotelli, was pushed to make an unprecedented decision just five days after being nominated as an education minister and succeeding Abraham Weintraub. Although he was meant to hold office on June 30, disparities about Decotelli's educational credentials have been scrutinized which led to the postponement of the ceremony.

What did transpire on the said date was Decotelli's resignation which he performed through a letter -- a most embarrassing blow on his appointer, President Bolsonaro.

Brazil’s Getúlio Vargas Foundation has aboveboard belied Decotelli's averment that he worked for them as a teacher.

The said school has also revealed before that Decotelli's 2008 Master's dissertation contained copied excerpts of a Portuguese CVM report and that it also had parts from another 1999 book. Decotelli had previously denied this allegation but the school had promised there would be further investigation to support their claim.

Notably, it can be recalled that Bolsanaro had nominated Decotelli presenting him as a doctoral degree holder at an Argentian University called the National University of Rosario. The dean of the said university also belied this credential but the press office of the Ministry of Education responded by publishing Decotelli's doctoral diploma where it appeared that he had completed all required credits.

Additionally, a note was sent to a Brazilian newspaper to inform that Decotelli also did not obtain a postdoctoral certificate at the University of Wuppertal as he had only conducted research for a period of three months. It also informed the newspaper that a postdoctoral program normally lasts two to four years in Germany.

In a recent interview, Decotelli cited that his prime reason for leaving his post before even being able to officially take office was due to “fake facts” divulged by the said schools.

Decotelli's naval credentials also received disputes after a UOL news site reported that he had aggrandized the length and prestige of his soldierly career.

Political analysts have reacted negatively to these reports and are asking if Decotelli would also be adding the post of education minister to his curriculum. Other members of Brazil's educational sector have expressed their uneasiness about the said "shameful" events.

An increasing number of education experts are citing that the country has been without an education minister for nearly two years and that its educational sector has been unduly immobilized since Bolsonaro became President in 2019.

Jair Bolsonaro
Jair Bolsonaro, presidential candidate for the Social Liberal Party, attends an interview for Correio Brazilianse newspaper in Brasilia, June 6, 2018. Getty Images/ EVARISTO SA

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