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A British woman incited much anger and outrage among locals in Almafi, Italy after posing naked in front of the town’s beloved, historical cathedral for a photo shoot. Local police reportedly stopped the photoshoot before they could wrap up after receiving phone calls from people who were passing by.

According to the Daily Mail, the woman wore nothing but a flowing red veil to cover herself as she posed in a risque manner at the top of the majestic steps of Almafi Cathedral with onlookers appalled at the lack of respect being displayed. Local news outlets said the woman was an influencer who was accompanied by two other tourists, another British woman and a male photographer from North America.

The photo shoot was conducted so the woman could create a “personal memory” with her entourage. At the foot of the steps of the revered Sant’Andrea cathedral are numerous shops, cafes, and restaurants where workers paused their tasks to film the provocative spectacle. One piece of footage was recorded from a window of a residence among the many establishments below. It showed the woman in various seductive poses in front of the church’s bronze doors with an image of Jesus Christ sitting at the top.

Laura Thayer, an art historian, and writer living in Almafi wrote to the Ciao Almafi blog saying the location of the photo shoot is what caused the outrage as it was particularly hurtful and a clear lack of respect for the historic site and as well as the people of the community. She added that the fact the location was a church made the incident all the more appalling.

Thayer continued that the Duomo was a place of worship and a place endeared to the locals, further pointing out how the backdrop touches a historical memory for the community. She emphasized on the doors that “harken back to the days of the Republic of Almafi”, and how the bronze entrance played a significant role in the lives of the locals as it was used for countless processions, weddings, and funerals.

Enraged Italians took to social media to condemn the insulting act of nudity displayed at the holy site. One wrote that the photoshoot at the cathedral, which was a place of considerable importance, was nothing short of squalid and unacceptable. Another disputed the tourist's permission to shoot such provocative photos, as his family needed the proper authorization to simply take photos of their child’s baptism at the cathedral.

Meantime, the archbishops of Amalfi-Cava are yet to release a statement on the incident. This is not the first time tourists have so callously taken advantage of the scenic spots in Amalfi. In September, two women were busted while having a midnight dip in the 18th century Sant'Andrea fountain.

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