A 42-year-old man in New York was taken to police custody after he allegedly climbed a house while he was naked. He allegedly attempted to sexually assault a woman after entering the house.

According to the Saratoga County Sheriff's Office, the incident happened on Thursday in Stillwater, New York. The suspect, Nicholas Lesson, allegedly scaled the exterior of a house. He climbed in through a second-floor porch while "fully nude," reported Fox News. He then tried to sexually abuse a woman who was sleeping in the house, according to the sheriff's office. But Lesson was chased out of the house by the woman and her husband.

A short time later on Thursday, he was found at his own home in Stillwater. After he was located by police, he was arrested, officials said. Once Lesson was arrested, he was charged with two counts of first degree attempted sexual abuse and second degree burglary. According to police, he was taken to the Saratoga County Jail, and was not given bail. News 10 reported that after Lesson was arraigned in the Stillwater Town Court and jailed, there was no word on when he will face the court again.

In a separate incident, a disturbing clip recently emerged that showed a 43-year-old naked Florida insurance agent shoving a partially clothed woman out of a car. He then fatally shot her in the head and drove off, according to New York Post.

The video allegedly showed fully nude Ron Donaldson, a military veteran who worked as a field trainer with Banker’s Life, shoving a 25-year-old woman out of his vehicle and into a fence before shooting her. The woman could be seen slumping over as Donaldson, who is a suspect in at least five rapes in the Miami area, left the scene.

The victim’s mother, Tiffany Williams, hopes that the man that "killed her dies and goes to hell!” The mother said that he didn’t have to do "my daughter or no other girl like he has done in the past, and I hope he gets consecutive life sentences and I hope he dies!"

Police, aided by the surveillance footage from the alley, tracked Donaldson down to his Miami Beach apartment the following day after which he was arrested. A motive behind the apparent murder or how the victim and her suspected killer knew each other were not immediately revealed by cops.

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