A 28-year-old Florida man has been arrested after reportedly fondling himself while watching a woman in a cemetery and another at a post office.

According to the deputies with the Hernando County Sheriff's Office in Brooksville, Florida, Daniel Ray Simpson is accused of touching himself sexually in public. The first alleged incident happened on Saturday, July 2, at the Brooksville Cemetery at 1275 Olmes Road.

"A female citizen [who] contacted the HCSO to report an Indecent Exposure," alerted the police. "The victim advised that while she visited the gravesite of a friend, she observed a male nearby (inside the cemetery) who was only partially dressed," police said in a press release. "The victim observed the male to have his pants down to his ankles and to be fondling himself, as he watched the victim." The man then put on back his clothes and left the scene on foot after he realized she had seen him.

The following day, a similar incident allegedly happened at a United States Post Office at 207 E. Fort Dade Avenue, about two miles away from the Brooksville cemetery. Another "female citizen contacted the HCSO to report an Indecent Exposure," deputies stated in a press release. Simpson allegedly said "hi" to the woman while they were both inside the post office.

"The victim ignored the male and quickly left the building," deputies said. "While approaching her vehicle, the victim turned her head to be sure the male was not following her. While looking back, the victim observed the male to have his pants unzipped and to be fondling himself. The victim quickly left the area and contacted law enforcement."

Police arrested Simpson after learning he was the man in both incidents. The suspect remains in custody at the Hernando County Detention Center. Online records show that he faces two counts of indecent exposure of sexual organs. Simpson is being held on a $10,000 bond.

If released, he would be subjected to a GPS order, a no-contact order with anyone under 18 years of age, and a no-contact order at the post office. According to the records, he is being appointed an attorney from the office of the public defender.

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Representation image. Pixabay.