A 21-year-old man in Florida was found dead in an orange grove at Lake Wales, Florida and two brothers have been singled out as culprits.

On Nov. 4, Danne Frazer left work at a supermarket warehouse at around 2:00 a.m. and was last seen at a gas station 20 minutes later. When Frazer did not come home, his family reported him missing.

He went missing for several days. On the 6th day, the lifeless body of Frazer was found in an orange grove at Lake Wales, Fla., in Polk County. Details and findings were not released but investigators deemed it as foul play. They sought help from the public and got some tips on two brothers, Angel and Jo Lobato.

"As we recreate the final days of this young man's life, we know that there are those out there who know what happened to him,” Sheriff Grady Judd stated. “He was brutally murdered, and then dumped in an orange grove, and his family deserves justice."

The brothers were arrested on Nov. 14 after authorities received an anonymous tip via the Polk County Sheriff’s Facebook page. Both have been charged with first-degree murder, conspiracy to commit first-degree murder and robbery with a firearm per online records.

Angel is 18 while Jo is 19 years old. No bond was set for either one on any of the felony charges, People reported.

The Nov. 14 arrest was not the first time that the Lobato brothers had encountered authorities. On Nov. 6, the two were spotted driving the victim’s car. Police were able to talk with Angel who was in the passenger seat at the time. Jo, believed to be the one driving the vehicle ran away.

At that time, the police had no probable cause to detain Angel in custody. But after gathering more evidence and seeking public help, authorities garnered enough to book the brothers.

Before the arrest of the Lobato brothers, the mother of the victim (Leslie Frazer) was urging anyone who could have any leads to the death of her son to report it to the authorities.

“I want them to give them up,” she said. “I want everyone involved to be prosecuted for it.”

police line crime scene A representational image of a crime scene. Christopher Furlong/Getty Images