More often than not, nothing sells like star power. In the era of digital marketing, nothing compares to the charm like that of a celebrity influencing a certain product. And, that’s exactly what happened when Sold Out Fairy BTS V decided to use his influence online—and flaunted the shirt he wore, captioned, “My cat is Rockstar & I’m a manager”, on Twitter. Kim Taehyung Closet isn’t an ardent Twitter user, but despite only have 43 tweets, he’s quite got what it takes to make a social media impact!

Believe it or not, the effect of his last Twitter update was so massive as it sold out the shirt in all sizes and colors! The shirt was originally available in 2 sizes and 2 colors. And, was an instant bestseller! This is also because, immediately after, Tannie was reportedly trending at #6 Worldwide and BTS V fashion accounts decided to milk on the opportunity and were sharing the link to the website from where the shirt was produced.

This is not all. Fans world over are now sincerely hoping that Joegush follows a similar route—and releases a JoegushxVante fashion collection. By the way, it should be noted that Joegush was quick elated by how quickly things escalated and thanked BTS V on Instagram.

In other news, BTS V has been on a roll this year—the pop icon was the brainchild behind some defining milestones in the Kpop music industry. Not too long ago, V’s “Boy With Luv” fancam claimed “most viewed Fancam of 2019” milestone along with contributing to BTS’s recent fancam Daesang win.

And, that was just the beginning. It is now said that the King of fancam is pegged as the “most liked fancam of 2019 and All the Time” too in just 164 days on YouTube! Music lovers also need to take note of the fact that Taehyung's Boy With Luv Fancam crossed a whipping 65 Million Views & 579K likes on YouTube.

1024px-V_(Kim_Tae-hyung)_at_an_fansign_in_Cheongnyangni_on_November_6,_2014_03 Not many celebs can beat BTS V in terms of influencing. Turns out, a recent Twitter update by the artist got an entire range of shirts sell-out like hotcakes! 좋은 하루 :: BTS V (태형) [CC BY 4.0 (]