Photo caption: Vithurs Thiru (@vithurs) Photo caption: Vithurs Thiru (@vithurs) Vithurs Thiru

Developing a successful brand is never easy, especially in a post-COVID world. We take a look at UK-based entrepreneur, Vithurs, and his journey to creating one of the UK’s hottest CBD wellness brands.

2020 has been quite an experience, to say the least! Most of you reading this will have been impacted by COVID-19 in one way or another, and although this pandemic is sending the world into a frenzy, the entrepreneurial process rolls on. 

Vithurs Thiru (also known amongst his peers as V) is a 24-year old entrepreneur from the United Kingdom that is looking to change the way people approach their business in its entirety. The young bright minds that we see in the world of business nowadays are looking to innovate wherever possible, and Vithurs would fall under that category of entrepreneur. While the main goal is to generate as much profit as possible, some people genuinely want to make a positive impact on the world.

Although Vithurs started his marketing career with SEO services on digital marketing forums, he's come a long way from where he initially started. While some people can work with the best partners possible due to previous connections, Vithurs had to keep his head down and grind for everything he's got. 

Today, he’s the founder of Blessed CBD (one of the fastest growing CBD brands in the UK) and also manages a portfolio of online web assets.

Blessed CBD Blessed CBD Blessed CBD

Vithurs Was Left Wanting More at a Young Age

As a child, you grow up and take note of your settings in almost any situation. Vithurs had that moment of epiphany where you realize “oh, my family is pretty poor!” early on in his life, as he noticed all of his classmates getting new gaming consoles and having tons of fun with each other. He could never afford to purchase video games, and even if he could, it's almost a certainty that his Father wouldn't allow them to be played in the house – he was paying almost £3000 monthly to send Vithurs on private tutoring sessions, having him go through at least 48 of them in a month.

While you might be thinking that's a large sum of money, it wasn't obtained without consequence. Vithurs' Father was always working double-shifts to pay for his sons' schooling, and the worst part about it is that Vithurs feels like school is a waste of time (in some aspects).

My Dad had spent so much time and money putting me through private tuitions. Looking back on it, all of those hours of algebra and chemistry haven't made much of an impact on the work that I'm doing today.” said Vithurs, “If you want to be a doctor or a pilot, it makes sense, but if you want to be an entrepreneur, you genuinely don't need a degree”.

What's Vithurs Getting Into Now?

Vithurs is constantly on the go and always looking for new investment and business opportunities, which is why he's got an “egg in every basket” at this point. He moved onto larger client SEO needs with his Rankfluence digital marketing agency that blends SEO and a bit of fun. 

V is in love with the SEO sector, and he feels like the secrets of the SEO industry shouldn't just be kept in a tight-knit circle. Those who are willing to hire his agency for their SEO needs are bound to benefit in more ways than one, but that isn't the only thing V has dipped his toes into! Some of his other endeavours include:

  • Several different SEO services on marketing forums
  • Responsible for the smooth theatrical distribution of regional movies in the UK
  • Blessed CBD (selling CBD oils, CBD gummies, CBD capsules and CBD cream )
  • An expansive portfolio of online web assets (affiliate projects and ecommerce brands)
  • Payment processing platform for B2B payments (launching in 2022)

Vithurs wants everybody reading to “set crazy goals”, as regardless of how unreasonable they may seem right now, you never truly know how far you can go until you've tried. V certainly didn't think that owning a £10m plus company was going to be in his future during his youthful years, but he never underestimated himself – he's all of the proof you need to understand that hard work is going to win every single time.

“Growth only comes with pain.” Vithurs said, "No pain, no gain. It's like anything else in life, tough love will usually get the job done”.

“Started From the Bottom, Now We Here”

Vithurs is a prime example of what you can achieve by thinking above and beyond traditional means.

Most entrepreneurs are going to see the crazy lifestyle that social media influencers live and feel inadequate, which is only natural – when you see people taking private jets to Caribbean islands to secure a deal, you've got to look in the mirror and wonder “what's wrong with me?”. Vithurs is an up and coming entrepreneur, and at only 24 years of age, he's looking to deliver a modern touch on all of his entrepreneurial projects.

One thing that Vithurs had to develop almost immediately was his self-esteem, as highly influential figures are never looked at as lacking confidence. Confidence can go a long way when it comes to conducting business, but it's also something that many people will have to develop over the years. Vithurs didn't start life as the most charismatic kid, but that doesn't mean he had to settle for what “the universe had planned for him”. He was born into a relatively poor family with a father who worked double-shifts as a Chef, mainly to pay for his private tuition fees.

There was never a time where Vithurs was going to sprint home after school to play video games with his friends, as he couldn't afford them. After paying for classes there was very little money left, and Vithurs had to make the most of it; he threw himself headfirst into his schoolwork and picked up chess to help develop his young mind.

Many of the entrepreneurs we see all over social media are self-made millionaires, but a few of the largest ones that stay out of the limelight were handed everything they've got on a silver platter. Vithurs understands what it's like to start at the bottom, and as the infamous Drake always said: started from the bottom, now we're here!

UK-Based Entrepreneur Transitions from the Office to the Octagon

MMA has been surging as of recent, and it's one of the most popular sports we've come to know in modern times. While there are still fans who flock towards boxing events, UFC has naturally overtaken boxing and become the most-watched combat sport in the world. When you're getting into an octagon and fighting another human being, odds are your body is going to get a bit banged up – that's one of the reasons why V took it upon himself to get into the health supplement industry.

Since the UFC has recently loosened its stance on Cannabis usage, many fighters are looking into CBD oil for their recovery needs. These are grown men and women who throw their limbs at one another without any reservation, as that's the only thing standing between them and greatness! 

Blessed CBD is something that Vithurs started back in 2019, and he used his SEO skills to grow this business into the massive brand we know of today. Blessed CBD is now one of the leading CBD-based product manufacturers in the UK, having won dozens of awards and gaining recognition from some of the most established newspapers and magazines around: Mirror, Leicester Mercury, Observer, Discover Magazine, Manchester Evening News, Express, Hypothesis Journal, My London, Hull Daily and Island Echo.

Photo caption: Israel Adesanya, UFC Middleweight Champion Photo caption: Israel Adesanya, UFC Middleweight Champion Blessed CBD

Blessed CBD has recently signed two massive names in Israel Adesanya and Alexander Volkanovskil, both of which are Championship Title holders in their respective divisions in the UFC. When you can get two world-class fighters who also happen to be CBD advocates representing your brand, people are bound to take notice!

This is Only the Beginning for “V”

Vithurs is only scratching the surface of his entrepreneurial potential, and to some people that's scary. Blessed CBD has already amassed an approximated value of over £20m in 2020, and if the current trends are any indication, it's going to continue growing well into the foreseeable future. V is always going to have additional projects in the works, and his latest one includes a B2B payment service that promotes a quicker (and safer) payment process, which is scheduled for launch in 2022.

If you've ever felt like the cards are stacked against you in life, use Vithurs' story as motivation. You can achieve success in any form, all you've got to do is remain dedicated to the task at hand. If you let anybody strip you of your confidence and second-guess yourself, odds are you weren't cut out to be a truly successful entrepreneur.

They say MMA is tough, but becoming a success story when you reign from the same background as Vithurs' just might be the more impressive feat. Follow Vithurs on social media: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter