Bullying In Mexico: Young Boy Sexually Assaulted By Schoolmates In Coahuila

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Like many parts of Mexico, the region of Piedras Negras in Coahuila has reported a major case of bullying in recent days. At a primary school, 4 miles from he municipality of Nava, a case of sexual abuse has been reported: a child of nine years was abused by three of his classmates, who took the young boy to the bathroom and, according to Vanguardia, "introduced a foreign object inside him," causing incredible physical and psychological trauma to the student.

The mother of the child, naturally hugely concerned, complained to authorities of the Ministry of Education, explaining that her child was ignored by the teacher of the group, who was talking on his cell phone and ignoring that the boy had been taken into the bathroom. The child's parents noticed a drastic change in their child's behavior, including not wanting to attend school, vomiting any food, waking up crying at night and having a general depression  - they decided to go to a health center.

The clinic made a misdiagnosis on several occasions until a doctor spoke with the child who finally confessed what had happened. Both the doctor and the parents filed a complaint with the state's Attorney General against the persons responsible for the act. The victim has been seen by specialists including psychologists, because he presents a severe psychological disorder for which he must remain sedated.  The school officials so far have been concerned with speaking to the victim, however, his parents have refused. 

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