Telenovela Finale 'Caer En Tentación'
The last episode of the Televisa production left all of its viewers in shock. Find out what happened here! Televisa

Univision's primetime telenovela "Caer En Tentación" is in its final weeks on the Spanish-language network and we now know how it all ends. The Silvia Navarro-starring production ended its run in México after 102 episodes and the question everyone had in mind was: Who killed Carolina? As you remember, the story starts when Damián (Gabriel Soto) and Carolina (Adriana Louvier) are involved in a car accident that occurs under dubious condition. We later find out that Carolina didn't die at the scene, but was shot dead. In the last episode of the series we get to see how that night unfolded and the face of the killer is revealed.

Spoiler Alert! Spoiler Alert! The final episode of "Caer En Tentación" starts when Damián visits Santiago's (Carlos Ferro) place to ask for forgiveness after all the harm he caused. Godoy, the investigator, comes to look for Damián, and asks what a car registered under Raquel's (Navarro) name was doing at the scene. It is here where Damián speaks up and confesses he is the one that killed Carolina by accident as he was trying to save her from her brother Vicente.

The telenovela then flashes back to the past to the moments where Carolina has decided to abandon her family to run away with Damián. On the phone she tells Damián that she's worried as they are to meet her brother in the middle of the road to hand him over the money so he can continue being silent on their affair.

Mía and Federico follow their father Damián to where the latter spotted Damián and Carolina. Raquel conveys to Jovita that she thinks that Damián's farewell seemed for good.

In the present, Andrés (Arath De La Torre) is going crazy for the documents that were in his safe. He ends up kidnapping his nephew Federico as it was him that took them out to hand over to authorities that prove he was involved in money laundering.

We go back to the night of the accident and Vicente remembers seeing the accident his sister and Damián were involved in. He rushed over to help them out of the car, but first, he made sure the money they had promised him was there. He opens the bag and it's full of papers, the money is gone and it's presumed that Andrés took it as he was spying on Azucena when she put the money in the car.

Vicente loses it when his money isn't there and starts pushing Carolina to tell him where it was. Carolina tries to run away from him, but he soon catches up to her. He grabs Carolina again and she fights him at the edge of a trench. Vicente slips off and at that moment, Carolina receives the fatal shot. Damián is seen screaming and rushing to Carolina, but she's dead. Vicente is able to climb back up and runts to see his sister, who is already dead. He hits Damián repeatedly with a shovel before taking Carolina and digging a grave for her.

In the present, Raquel is questioned about the third card at the scene and soon after she confessed it was her car, Mía interrupted and said that the car was her and her brother.

Alina ends up with the documents that Andrés was looking for and she is paid for her service. Soon after, police arrive and start shooting up a storm in which Andrés loses his life. Alina ends up being arrested and convicted.

We find out that the case into the tragic loss of Carolina was closed and that Damián won't face any charges as he shot the gun aiming for Vicente, and Carolina's death was an accident. Vicente is charged as the author of what caused the accident. He ends up committing suicide in jail.

Damián moves in with his mother Miriam, who ends up cutting her veins after she was charged with money laundering and her petition for house arrest was denied.

Lola and Nico conspire to have Santiago and Raquel travel to enjoy their love forever. On a beautiful beach setting they both profess their love for one another. Santiago is about to propose to Raquel, but he forgot the engagement ring and runs back to go grab it.

At this moment, Raquel starts getting a flashback about the tragic night. We hear Jovita say that Raquel has blackouts and sometimes doesn't remember things. We soon find out it was Raquel that arrived at the scene of the accident as her memory starts coming back. She saw Damián all bloody and he asked her to help Carolina that was in trouble. Raquel finds the gun and goes after Carolina and Vicente, she shoots and kills Carolina. Damián see's this and he tells her to go away. He cleans off Raquel's fingerprints from the gun.

In the present, Damián visits Carolina's grave and is also having the flashback of the car accident. He ends up shooting himself in the head and dying. As far as Raquel, she sits on a rock by the beach as waves crash up against her, consuming her in water. The image freezes, but we don't know if she died or not. THE END.

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