The missing California mother of three allegedly warned her family days before her disappearance that her husband is responsible if anything happened to her.

"If anything happened to me, it would be Larry," 39-year-old Maya 'May' Millete, allegedly told her family referring to her husband, Larry Millete, just days before she went missing in January in Southern California. 

Maya had scheduled an appointment with a divorce lawyer on Jan. 7. She has been reported missing since then.

"She filled out the form. She was going to meet with a divorce attorney," Billy Little, an attorney at the Cold Case Foundation, told Fox News.

"The following Tuesday was her appointment. But she filled out the entire form the day she went missing," Little said.

According to Richard Drouaillet, Maya’s brother-in-law, the couple had issues regarding their marriage, and that Larry often reached out to his wife’s family to talk about their problems.

"He was more of an aggressor, trying to get us involved," Richard told Fox News. 

"He was trying to get us on his side when we felt like it was a lot of lies that he was telling us," he said.

Richard told the outlet that the last time he and his wife Maricris, Maya's sister, saw the couple was during a camping trip days before she disappeared. 

During the trip, Maya allegedly told her family that she was scared that Larry might do something to her.

The couple engaged in "a lot of arguments," on the trip, Maricris, told NBC7

"We felt sometimes uncomfortable about it, too," she said. "But you know, we were just praying and hoping they would be able to work it out. We didn't see this coming, you know, after that."

According to Richard, in September last year, Larry sent a bizarre photo to one of Maya’s relatives. In the photo, a picture of the couple is seen covered in what appeared to be blood placed near a makeshift altar.

"He did some extreme s**t," Richard said.

Little who visited the couple’s home four days after Maya’s disappearance said it looked as if Larry had been cleaning.

"The windows were all open, the fans were on full blast, it was a little chilly. It looked like he had been cleaning," Little told the outlet.

As he entered the house with Larry’s permission, Little said he noticed property damage.

"I talked to him a little bit, I asked if I could see the bedroom. I went up to the bedroom, that’s when I saw the … hole in the door, right next to the door handle," he said.

Larry has retained a lawyer, since then he has restricted himself from speaking to the media and has also reportedly stopped cooperating with the investigators.

The Chula Vista Police Department said that they have not found any evidence of foul play in Maya’s disappearance.

"We are in frequent communication with our regional partners about this case and are working to identify evidence, locate it, analyze it and follow where it leads," police spokesman Eric Thunberg said.

Maya is described as a 5'2' tall woman with brown hair. She has tattoos of musical notes on her collar and a tattoo of a hummingbird on her back. 

Investigators are urging anyone with information on her whereabouts to call Chula Vista Police Department at 619-691-5151 or Crime Stoppers at 888-580-847.   

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