Law enforcement in Long Beach California is now prowling for a man who allegedly placed a chair and sat on it in front of a hair salon and then played with himself for hours.

Horrified staff witnessed the despicable act, notifying salon owner Rachelle Daniels about it, the Long Beach Post reported.

At the time of the incident, Daniels was out running errands. She got a call from one of her employees telling her about a man who sat down in a chair and took his “stuff” out.

The staff who was at Bellflower Boulevard at the time added that the man proceeded to touch himself outside the salon window. However, the man would then move the chair in front of the shop’s door which had no blinds.

When police finally arrived at the scene about 40 minutes later after it was reported, the pervert had already left.

Videos of the man doing the indecent act were captured on video and posted on social media. When others saw it, a nearby nail salon claims that it was the same man who they spotted masturbating and looking through their window as well.

That post on Instagram has since been deleted.

Following the incident, the shop has ramped up its security measures to protect the staff. This includes the installation of a panic button, new cameras and a new closing procedure.

"Nobody should have to go through what my girls went through with that,” Daniels stated.

"If you’re naked in public like there are folks experiencing homelessness who are relieving themselves and are naked in public, that would be a different part of the penal code," Long Beach police spokesperson Richard Mejia added.

Mejia also added that once the man is arrested, he would be persecuted under harsher penalties. He may also be required to register as a sex offender.

Indecent exposure is a misdemeanor under the California penal code. It could be escalated to a felony if a prosecutor can prove that there was purposeful touching and sexual arousal involved according to Mejia.

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