Calvin Harris In Mexico: Did DJ Travel To Country To Get Over Taylor Swift Breakup? [PHOTOS]

Calvin Harris is not letting a breakup get in the way of him having a great time! In fact, he has traveled all the way to Mexico and we are pretty sure he did not pack his broken heart!

The renowned DJ from Dumfries, Scotland, is vacationing in the Latin American country, where he has been documenting his fun journey on Snapchat, Instagram and other social media platforms. The trip comes just days after his split to country/pop songstress Taylor Swift, whom he dated for over a year from March 2015 to June 2016. 

Harris Snapchatted videos showing off the good ole' time he's been having with friends this week at Cabo San Lucas in Mexico. He kicked off his vacation by hitting the waves with a group of buddies, including video director Emil Nava. A group of pretty young ladies were also spotted on the boat as Harris took a selfie with four girls and simply captioned it with: "I write songs." 

Calvin Harris What is Calvin Harris doing in Mexico? Snapchat / @CalvinHarris

The Snapchat story also features the Mexican flag, sweet local treats and a couple of other posts with Nava, who has directed music videos for Harris such as "How Deep Is Your Love," "Blame," "Pray to God," "Open Wide," "Summer" and "I Need Your Love." The renowned director has also worked with Jennifer Lopez, Ed Sheeran and Jessie J

Following his fun-filled day in the ocean, Harris gave his motivational talk. "That's right 'go all the way,'" he expressed at around 3:30 a.m. ET. "This morning when u wake up I'd like you to think of how you can go all the way. That concludes my motivational talk for tonight, have a wonderful day, take care," he stated in a snapchat video. 

At this point, Harris trip could mean two things. He is either filming a new music video in Cabo San Lucas, which explains the pretty girls and Nava on board. Or he is just trying to get over Swift!

Meanwhile, his ex-girlfriend has been spotted in Rome, Italy on a romantic getaway with her new novio, Tom Hiddleston

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