Communist Party candidate 25 year-old Camila Vallejo to Chile's Parliament is expecting a child, her father confirmed on Thursday.

Camila Vallejo, who rose to fame as the leader to the Chilean student revolts of 2011, is three months along in her pregnancy, which was received with joy by her family.

"Camila always said she wanted to be a mother and have a family. She is pregnant and happy, and so are we," said her father, Reinaldo Vallejo. "We received the news with happiness, like grandchildren should be received."

Chile threw itself on the news with messages of congratulations, crashing Twitter on Thursday.

"Congratulations Camila. You are brave, and when life is faced with courage it gives out valuable results," tweeted @frankhasir.

"How brave of Camila Vallejo: take her political campaign and her pregnancy at the same time," said @negrita121212

But not all were messages of happiness. Conservative politicians questioned her ability to carry out with her candidacy, since she would be giving birth around the time of elections. They also questioned her being unmarried, and not revealing the name of the father.

"This is just outdated sexism, it is very low," said Reinaldo.

Camila Vallejo made international headlines when she rose as the face of a student revolution for better education in 2011, and addressed very vocal speeches to president Sebastián Piñera. She belongs to the Communist Youth Party and is a Geography undergrad student in the University of Chile.

She attained international recognition quickly, making Time's 2011 "100 People That Mattered" List and Newsweek's "150 Fearless Women" in 2012.