Both Camilla Parker Bowles and Kate Middleton are spouses of the future kings of England, but the two reportedly do not get along really well. A royal author has revealed that Camilla used to believe that she fits better among the royals than does Kate, going as far as trying to convince Prince William to break off his relationship with her.

While Camilla and Kate used to be commoners before they married into the royal family, Camilla reportedly thinks that Kate does not fit into the royal mold. According to “Game Of Crowns” author Christopher Andersen, Camilla once said that Kate was “too common” to be part of their family, attempting to prevent Prince William from marrying her when they were still dating.

Andersen said that Camilla made a bold move to prevent Kate from being a part of the royal circle by urging her husband, Prince Charles, to talk to his son and ask him to split up with Kate. In his book, the royal author revealed that the rivalry between Kate and Camilla has been around since Prince William and Kate’s dating era, and much of their “secret war” happen behind closed doors.

“I have people telling me information about what’s going on behind the scenes — some on the record, some not — and I’ve always protected them and they’ve been wonderful,” Andersen said. He has been covering the royal family for 40 years, so he perfectly knew what happened between Prince William and Kate when they briefly broke up in April 2007.

“I was in London when the breakup occurred,” he said. “I was shocked, completely stunned, everyone thought it was only a matter of time before William was going to ask Kate to marry him. And then people started telling me that Camilla was behind it,” he added.

When Andersen learned that Camilla was behind the split, he wasn’t surprised. According to him, Camilla was a bit of a snob at the time, and she looked at Kate as someone who was not worthy to join the royal family.

“She’s an aristocrat, she has always been moving in royal circles,” Andersen explained. “She had always thought of herself as the heiress to Alice Keppel, her great-grandmother, who was the mistress of Edward VII. She was very proud of that connection,” he added.

Even today, Camilla’s distance from Kate during their royal outings is still apparent. Insiders reveal that the Duchess of Cornwall shares a closer relationship with Meghan Markle than with Kate.

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, Camilla Parker Bowles and Kate Middleton Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall; Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge; Meghan, Duchess of Sussex; Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, arrive in a horse-drawn carriage at the 'Trooping the Colour' in London on June 8, 2019. Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff/Flickr