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Steve Strang, Charisma Media founder, is one of the most influential Evangelicals in the U.S. The big fan of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who is expected to be part of the White House race, might even cost former President Donald Trump the 2024 election.

Going back to the 2020 election, author Kat Kerr had prophesied that Trump would "win in 2020." YouTuber Robin D. Bullock had also insisted that God had revealed to him that Trump would win "in a landslide."

Later, journalist Mario A. Murillo sought an audience with Strang, reported Rolling Stone.

He plays an unusual role in the religious subculture. Strang is a fixture since the mid-1970s, and is considered to be a "God Emperor" of media in the Charismatic world, said Matt Taylor, a protestant scholar at the Institute for Islamic, Christian and Jewish Studies.

Strang is not just a publisher or a journalist, but also a political activist who backed Trump.

When Murrillo was featured on Charisma's podcast, "The Strang Report," he applauded the preacher's condemnation of the dodgy prophets. Their visions of heaven, Strang said, "border on mental illness." Strang even saluted Murrillo saying that he admired him for "standing up." Neither Strang nor Murillo explicitly called out Kerr and Bullock's bollocks Trump prophecies during their interaction. That's probably because casting out all Trump seers as "false prophets" would mean folding up shop in the Charismatic world.

But there were implications for the next presidential election. Taylor said that the fact that Strang is platforming Murillo, and letting him "take down some of these Trump prophets, says a lot."

Taylor added that there's an "openness in that world to hear a different perspective from the prophets, "in terms of, 'Where else can we go in '24?'"

A break from Trump would be a shocking move by Strang, who previously wrote that the former President has been "raised up by God to stop our nation's headlong plunge into total depravity."

Now Strang has said many positive things about DeSantis. Charisma Media is located in Lake Mary, which is north of Orlando. Strang touted DeSantis as a "great governor" that "I have so much respect for, and supported."

Meanwhile, early Republican presidential hopefuls are sidestepping questions related to how they are different from Trump, reported NBC News.

Former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, who is the first Republican to launch her 2024 campaign after Trump, said that Joe Biden is the president, and he is the one she is "running against."

Senator Tim Scott, who hasn't officially launched a bid, also did not give a specific answer when he was asked what policy differences he has with Trump.

Scott said that he was thankful that "we had President Trump in office."

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