Canada Mass Stabbing Suspect Myles Sanderson Dies After Arrest: RCMP Vladvictoria/ Pixabay

Canadian law enforcement on Thursday concluded that there was only one killer involved in the mass stabbing that took place in Saskatchewan in September. Myles Sanderson was declared by investigators as the only killer in the attacks that resulted in the brutal murders of 11 people. Investigators confirmed that the killer’s brother, Damien Sanderson, who was found dead by police on Sept. 5, was a victim and played no part in the stabbing.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Saskatchewan said Myles was fully responsible for all 11 deaths including that of his brother. Damien was initially charged with first-degree murder, attempted murder as well as breaking and entering in connection to the attacks. The RCMP said all charges against Damien have been withdrawn by the Crown Court, The Guardian reported.

“Myles Sanderson committed all of the homicides alone,” Assistant Commissioner Rhonda Blackmore, confirmed to the media.

Authorities added it was important to clarify Damien’s involvement in the mass stabbing to show RCMP’s commitment to transparency to the victims and their families. Investigators determined Damien was involved in the initial planning and preparations for the stabbing spree however, evidence has led investigators to believe he did not kill anyone.

Meanwhile, the motive for the attacks still remains a puzzle for investigators. Although after conducting hundreds of interviews and processing over 670 exhibits, police have not pinned down the actual cause of Damien’s death nor have they determined when he actually died. His body was found near a house on the James Smith Cree Nation reserve with wounds that were suspected as not self-inflicted.

Myles was arrested on Sept. 7 at the end of a vehicle chase. He was taken into custody and was described to have been experiencing “medical distress”. He died later that same day.

The RCMP said investigators are still trying to draw an accurate picture of the attacks and figure out if the victims were individually targeted for specific reasons. In a statement released last week by the police, it said that both brothers were involved in three violent altercations with other residents from the James Smith Cree Nation community prior to the killings. However, these altercations were never reported to the authorities.

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