Candy Crush was developed by King in 2012, it now makes an average of $663,000 a day!
Candy Crush was developed by King in 2012, it now makes an average of $663,000 a day! Creative Commons

If you don't know about "Candy Crush," consider yourself lucky! The "Candy Crush" app is seriously addicting gaming app that proves to be quite costly and really time consuming. The app is so costly for some users that according to Slate, the daily revenue for "Candy Crush" is nearly $633,000 or more than $230 million a year.

The game is so popular in fact, 45 millions people play "Candy Crush" each month on Facebook. These astonishing numbers make it the most popular game on the social network website. Players of "Candy Crush" genuinely suffer from an addiction to the game. June Thomas of Slate writes about her addiction woes to the gaming app,

"In the last 10 days, I've spend $21, repeatedly drained my phone battery, and blown a deadline for the first time in years -- all so I could play a game for which I have absolutely no aptitude." Thomas continues to discuss the popularity and addictive nature of the game, "I've been tapping away at "Candy Crush Saga" on the subway (like half of New York), in front of the television, and, yes, in the bathroom for countless hours, and despite all that expense and devotion, I'm stuck at Level 38. There are more than 350 levels."

King created the now infamous Candy Crush, and the gaming app is now considered one of the worst offenders of the "freemium" model for mobile gaming apps, by iDigitalTimes. Candy Crush is the most profitable of the "freemium" gaming apps, due its alluring design. Candy Crush is free to download and play, the game gets you addicted with its easy levels before requiring in-app purchases to properly enjoy the game or advance to higher levels.

If you are a player of the game then you are well versed in the format. In Candy Crush you are provided with five lives to clear the insanely infuriating levels, while that sounds like a lot at first, if you use up all of your lives you have to wait 30 minutes before your lives are recharged. Or you could spend $0.99 to recharge immediately, and being that Candy Crush is like crack for commuters then you understand how the game makes $663K.

Not only do user play for a fresh set of lives, user can pay for extra moves. In certain levels of Candy Crush it seems nearly impossible to advance without buying the additional help. For example, iDigitaltimes explains that when you feel like you are really close to beating a level, you can buy five more moves for $0.99.

Interesting to note is the fat that 45 out of the 50 top grossing apps in the App Store, which turned 5 years old today, are now free to install. Candy Crush is the top ranked "Top Grossing App" and number 8 on the "Top Free Apps."

According to Think Gaming, its nearly $633,000 daily revenue comes from an estimated 100,000 daily installs and almost 7 million daily active users.


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