"Cantinflas" movie sequel allegedly in the works, written by the comedian's son, Mario Moreno Ivanova. Lionsgate/Pantaleon Films

Mario Moreno Ivanova, Mario Moreno Cantinflas’s son, assured he is working on a screenplay for a sequel about his father’s life behind the scenes. Moreno Ivanova says it will look into the romantic and intimate aspects of the actor’s life, as well as the origins of his only son. “The movie “Cantinflas” ends in 1958 and that’s exactly where I’ll start with the sequel because a lot of interesting things happened to my father in those years, from his romance with actress Irán Eory to my birth,” said Ivanova. The movie is set to go through the Mexican’s comedian’s final days until his death in April of 1993.

“I’ll be telling many things, including my origins which have become very controversial, which I want to explain in detail in this story and talk about my father’s romantic side as well,” said Ivanova. “People are going to hear the story of my origin just like my father told it to me,” he added, after which he said he plans to include many images from his dad’s funeral, as it was “very moving, since it was a four-day wake.”

“My father was never a government official, but I was proud he was sent off with all the honors and his fans showed him so much love,” he expressed. Moreno Ivanova stressed the fact that he wants to have the screenplay ready as soon as possible since he wants Sebastián del Amo to direct the sequel, as well as look into casting Óscar Jaenada and Ilse Salas, to protray Mario Moreno ‘Cantinflas’ and his wife, Valentina Ivanova once again.

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