Cardi B, Anitta, Peso Pluma in TikTok
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MIAMI - TikTok has once again blazed a trail in the entertainment industry with its inaugural live music event, "In the Mix." Held on Sunday, Dec. 10, at Sloan Park in Mesa, Arizona, this event featured a star-studded lineup, including global sensations Cardi B, Niall Horan, Anitta, Charlie Puth and the rising star Peso Pluma.

"In the Mix" is part of TikTok's ongoing effort to revolutionize music engagement. The event also showcased artists from TikTok's Elevate program, which seeks to highlight emerging talents. Performers like Kaliii, Isabel LaRosa, Sam Barber, and Lu Kala graced the stage with their electrifying presence as well.

The sold-out festival's environment mimicked the dynamic and personalized nature of TikTok's For You page, offering fans a unique, immersive experience. This innovative approach underscores the social media's commitment to blending music, culture, and technology in novel ways.

Cardi B owned TikTok in the Mix

Her performance was a spectacle of energy and choreography. Cardi B's set was a vivid display of her signature charisma and stage presence, leaving fans chanting for more. The build-up to her performance included a warning about pyrotechnics, setting the stage for a fiery show."This is not a TikTok party, this a Cardi (expletive) party!," she screamed. Her set was a dazzling array of her greatest hits, each performed with the kind of fierce attitude that's become her trademark.


Cardi B with a message! 🚨 : “2024, i’m coming even harder!” #tiktokinthemix #iamcardib #foryou #viraltiktok

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It was, no doubt, a masterclass in showmanship and energy, capturing the essence of her dynamic persona, supported by an army of dancers.

Clad in a shimmering red outfit, Cardi B was a whirlwind of charisma, leading her dancers in meticulously choreographed routines. The performance peaked with an explosive display of fireworks, echoing the intensity of her show. Despite fans fervently chanting for an encore, her set concluded without one, leaving the audience wanting more and solidifying her status as a powerhouse performer.

Anitta's trilingual performance

Anitta's performance at TikTok's "In the Mix" was nothing short of spectacular, showcasing her magnetic stage presence and unparalleled energy. The Brazilian pop sensation ignited the crowd with her fiery entrance, dancing across Sloan Park with a troop of dynamic backup dancers to the pulsating beats of her hits "Envolver" and "Downtown."

Her set was a vibrant display of both talent and showmanship, characterized by vigorous dance routines and captivating rhythms. Anitta seamlessly blended her chart-topping numbers like "Machika," "Used to Be," and "I Wanna F," each performance underscored by her natural command over the stage and the audience. The performance not only reinforced her status as a global music icon but also highlighted her role in bringing Latin pop music to the forefront of the international music scene.


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♬ som original - anittanort🛸

Peso Pluma brought Mexico to TikTok in the Mix

Peso Pluma's set at the festival was a vibrant showcase of his rising stardom in the Mexican and regional music scene. Peso Pluma's arrival on the main stage was met with roaring applause, a testament to his growing fanbase. Dressed in an all-black ensemble, complete with a New York Yankees cap and a gold chain, he exuded coolness and charisma.

His band, contrastingly attired in white, provided a striking visual while playing traditional Mexican instruments. Peso Pluma's performance was a dynamic blend of traditional Mexican music and contemporary energy, highlighted by his infectious smile and boundless enthusiasm.

The crowd was thoroughly engaged, singing along to every word of his catchy songs.

A standout moment was his steamy duet with Anitta on their reggaetón collaboration "Bellakeo," adding a layer of cross-genre appeal to his already captivating set. The performance went viral, with fans commenting on how hard La Doble P was trying not to engage with Anitta's sexy dance moves. "This is a man in love," said one fan, referring to the Mexican star's romance with Argentinian singer-songwriter Nicki Nicole.

Charlie Puth and Niall Horan surprises

Charlie Puth opened the main stage performances with his impeccable vocals and engaging stage presence. His interaction with the audience, coupled with a surprise video appearance by Jungkook of BTS, was a memorable part of the event.


the memories of @AbjkMRstY and @Charlie Puth are taking up every corner of my mind 😙😙 #TikTokInTheMix

♬ original sound - TikTok

Niall Horan brought his soulful melodies to the stage, enchanting the audience with both his solo hits and a nostalgic nod to his One Direction days. His performance was a blend of warmth, nostalgia, and contemporary appeal.

Other artists on stage were Offset, Sam Barber, an emerging artist, and Reneé Rapp, known for her role as Regina George in the "Mean Girls" musical.

Paul Hourican, TikTok's global head of music partnerships and programming, encapsulated the essence of the event: "No other platform mixes music, culture, and creativity like TikTok. With In The Mix, our goal is to bring the For You feed to life for fans at the venue and on TikTok. Our vision is to create a show that is reimagined for the TikTok era and our music-loving global community." The event's global broadcast via TikTok Live extended its reach, ensuring fans worldwide could partake in this innovative musical journey.

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