Carlos Salcido
The Mexican soccer player has been reportedly exposed in a new video leak that leaves nothing to the imagination. Twitter/ladragss

Carlos Salcido might have abandoned the Mexican national soccer team years ago, but he's still popular thanks to his work with the Guadalajara Chivas. The defender is also in the news because an alleged sex video has been leaked. The 37-year-old athlete was exposed and leaves nothing to the imagination as he caresses his penis in full display.

A Twitter user by the name of "ladragss" leaked three videos of Salcido on the social network and they have created major buzz. On the first video Carlos is seen with blue boxer briefs with a very visible erection. On the second video he is seen without his top and making sexy faces. The third video fully displays his "eggplant" for everyone to see. We could not verify if the videos are legit, but they are surely causing a stir in social media. We can't display the racy videos here, but we'll give you a tease of one of them here.

Carlos Salcido is not the first major star to have their intimacy violated. David Zepeda was a victim of something similar when a video of the actor completely naked surfaced and where you could see EVERYTHING! The clip ran for over two minutes and itd showe Zepeda on his bed with what we could only assume was a laptop, same one that was recording the sexual act. David didn't say anything in the clip and we couldn't hear much out of him. Later on he stood up and showed the camera his completely erect manhood as he pleased himself. The video had been circulating throughout social media and made him become a trending topic on Twitter.

Days later the "La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo" star assumed the consequences of sharing intimate videos with other people he thought he trusted and confessed it was him. "I don't know if I should be proud of becoming a trending topic, but we are still working and growing with the upcoming projects," he said in an interview at the time. "I hope that the people that have seen the video liked it. In a way we have to laugh at ourselves, there's nothing else we can do and it really has made me laugh, although I am embarrassed at the same time."

"Yes, I trusted, it's my responsibility," he said about the person that leaked the video. The reporter asked Zepeda at the time if he was going to maybe take this into court. "I am not interested in proceeding legally, my energy is placed somewhere else," Zepeda said. "The damage is done and we need to put up with it. I apologize to the people, my partner, it was a video from years ago.”

Sergio Mayer Mori was another celebrity that became a trending topic on Twitter after a user uploaded a clip that showed him pleasuring himself. What gave it away it was him was the tattoos and pijama bottoms the actor was wearing. In the video Mayer Mori was wearing plaid bottoms, same ones that he was wearing in this picture on Instagram. Also, the tile in the bathroom matches the same one seen in the clip. His arm has a distinguishable tattoo that also looks similar to the one spotted in the photo from his social media account.

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