Carmen Salinas is one of the most beloved actresses in México for being a straight shooter. She is so in tune with her audience that even millennials find her endearing and made her into a meme superstar. There is a rumor going around that Televisa is planning a bioseries about her life just like subjects like Juan Gabriel, Luis Miguel, Celia Cruz, Jenni Rivera and Selena Quintanilla. With her unique style she broke her silence and said: "Juan Osorio [producer] told me that they asked him to make a series about Carmen Salinas, but I told him, why me there are nicer people."

Carmen Salinas is no stranger to controversy and because she tells it like it is, reporters always go to her to ask of her opinions. During the scandal with Gerardo Ortiz and the video where he is abusive to a woman, she asked for the video to be removed for promotiong violence. "It's horrible," she said in an interview. "They shouldn't have been able to work on something so frightening. I have granddaughters and I am terrified that they end up with a fool like that. It invites people to generate violence against women. If I am working to promote gender equality, I need to protest because it's not fair that a woman gets treated like that."

In a separate interview Carmen Salinas also said: "It's to incentivize femicides. What if they did that to his sister, a niece, they shouldn't do that, those types of videos invite crime and to kill women. We want the video to be taken down the Internet." The video clip for "Fuiste Mía" with Ortiz, shows a man and a woman who are in a relationship. The man (Ortiz) leaves and upon his return, catches his girlfriend/wife in bed with another man. He takes out his gun and shoots the woman's lover in the head and leaves him for dead. Ortiz then makes mends by tying the girl up and putting her inside a car's trunk. We are then made to believe that he sets the car on fire with the woman still inside.

Carmen Salinas has embraced change and knows how to work social media to boost her profile. In her spare time she video blogs in an effort to keep in contact with the public that adores her. Over the years she has embraced the multiple memes she's been part of and poking fun of herself in the process like when they joked about her being a congresswoman or named the education ambassador. Salinas even has a Tinder profile, if this commercial is any indication of what she does on her off time. Let's not forget Carmen's infamous scene in this telenovela dancing on a stripper pole!

In telenovelas Carmen Salinas was last seen in "Sueño de Amor" where she played a villanous role. Her character was named Margarita, she ws an exceptional grandmother. Margarita is Silvana’s mother and Kristel and Salma’s grandmother. She is cheerful and fun; she lives and lets others live. She doesn’t have a good relationship with her daughter and with Salma, whereas she gets along pretty well with Kristel. She is smart, manipulates all the modern technology devices very well. Despite her age, her dream is finding someone with whom she can travel, chat, and do everything she loves to continue enjoying life.