Carmen Salinas is starting another public feud, but this time it's with Juan Gabriel. The 80-year-old actress loves the media attention and never holds back when reporters ask her for an opinion on any matter. To give you a little background on this case, musicians working with the "Divo de Juárez" sued the singer and demanded $3 million for being fired with no just cause. The music players led by Pedro Plascencia, Salinas' ex-husband, have not been paid because the properties he was going to pay from had been sold to his manager Silvia Urquidi. This is where the "Mi Corazón Es Tuyo" actress comes in as she was approached to weigh in on the situation.

"You fired my ex-husband, Don Pedro Pascencia, the father of my children, when he played for you for 25 years," Salinas said according to TVyNovelas. "You sent the orchestra director to tell him that he will not be playing anymore porque they were old." It didn't stop there as Carmen had some words for Urquidi as well. "Silvia said 'he fired Don Pedro because he went to the bathroom way too much,' well older people go to the bathroom because of his prostate," Salinas added. "You Silvia Urquidi have the habit of messing around with people. You messed with the musicians very badly and that, mi dear, is not fair."