There's no denying that Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian are two fashion icons ---both always looking flawless on just about any red carpet they strut. But one fashion designer seems to be very disappointed with the girls lately. 

Carolina Herrera is very reserved when it comes talking to the press, but in a recent interview with Washington Post, the Venezuelan-American designer expressed her thoughts on the latest fashion trend ---transparent dresses.

"They think it’s so modern to be naked or almost naked. They think it’s going to attract younger people if they do those dresses. No!” she said, referring to designers who have joined the bandwagon. "The almost naked! Oh God! They’re trying to get people to pay attention to them. In life, there should be a little mystery.” 

Herrera, who's been in the fashion industry for over three decades, also took the time to give her two cents on the stars who have flaunted see-through dresses such as JLo, Kim and Beyoncé.  “They’re supposed to be fashion icons and they’re not wearing anything,” Herrera said. “It’s an obsession now.”