A young woman who was allegedly enjoying an intimate moment with her boyfriend accidentally fell from a balcony and onto a car roof – luckily surviving her injuries.

In a CCTV footage that has now gone viral on the internet, a half-naked woman is seen falling onto a car in a parking lot with what a witness described as a "loud crash".

The red-haired woman can be seen falling flat on her bottom on top of a black sedan parked in front of an apartment building, leaving a huge dent in the car's roof.

The unidentified woman and her partner were in between a steamy moment when she slipped off the ledge in Taipei, Taiwan on Sept. 5.

The woman wearing only a shirt and knickers appears to be in severe pain after the fall and can be seen rubbing her back.

The poor woman can be seen sitting on top of the vehicle while her shorts were left dangling from one leg.

Some confused residents can be seen in the video but none of them make an attempt to approach the injured woman.

Moments later, a shirtless man, believed to be her partner, rushes to her aide and then gives her a kiss and a cuddle.

"I was walking home when it happened," a shocked onlooker told local media.

"I did not see her fall but we heard a loud crash and she was already on top of the car."

"A man then came to her and helped her," the witness added.

The man managed to help his partner down from the smashed car roof and then rushed her to a nearby hospital for treatment.

The woman reportedly suffered a minor back injury and was advised to remain in the hospital for a few weeks to heal.

She was later discharged and is now in stable condition, according to local media.

The couple also had to pay for the expenses of the damaged car which was owned by a neighbor who lived in the building.

In another separate bizarre incident filmed in Colombia, a half-naked man was captured lowering his apparent lover from a balcony moments after his angry girlfriend stormed into the apartment.

The clip has been seen more than 11 million times since being posted to Twitter on Sept. 7.

In the video, a young woman can be seen hammering on the front door of the property while shouting and swearing at him.

"Open up, son of a b*tch. I know you’re in there open up."

"This is the last time you do this to me."

As the angry woman storms upstairs, a shirtless man emerges on the balcony with his half-naked lover, who appears to have dwarfism.

He then lowers her down to two onlookers who decide to help.

Half naked woman falls from balcony.
The poor woman landed on car roof. She survived but needed treatment at hospital. ViralPress

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