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Mexican writer and actor Roberto Gómez Bolaños, who is more popularly known around the world as Chespirito, had passed away at the age of 85. The actor had been having health problems since April, and his family has been aware for some time of his ailing health. Chespirito died on Friday November 28th from a heart attack, as was reported by Lolita Ayala live during her news show. He was living in Cancún.

The actor is famous for his characters on "El Chavo del 8," "El Chapulín Colorado,” and other shows. Born in Mexico City in 1929, Gomez Bolaños was writing scripts and screenplays in his early twenties, despite studying for being an engineer. The all-rounded artist also composed songs and scripts for radio shows. It was in the 1960's, when the two most popular Mexican television shows on air were written by Gomez Bolaños, that he earned the nickname Chespirito from director Agustín P. Delgado. The nickname, which he would later be recognized by around the world, translates to "Shakespearito" or "Little Shakespeare."

Towards the end of last year, it was reported that a commemorative book about the comedian--titled "Chespirito: Vida y Magia Del Comediante Más Popular De América" ("Chespirto: Life and Magic Of America's Most Popular Comedian")--would be published. "The Hispanic market has never had such a beloved celebrity like Roberto Gomez Bolanos and perhaps there will never be one like him," said Maca Rotter, executive director of Televisa Consumer Products. "He has been a Mexican icon for past and future generations, considering that his heritage is more alive than ever."

Chespirito Mezcalent

Here are six quotes from Roberto Gómez Bolaños:

1. “Sir, I'm sorry you do not like my programs. Me neither. But of what value your opinion and mine against millions of viewers around the world."

2. "I could say because they were inspired by CHakespeare, but in reality is because they are very CHingones (badass motherfuckers)" --When asked: "Why do all your characters begin with CH?"

Chespirito Mezcalent

3. "I'll be with Florinda till death do us part or until Shakira ignores me," said Roberto Gómez Bolaños. "Florinda made me a fiathful man."

4. "That spirit is in [Florinda]. Evidenced with his nephews, with my children and now my grandchildren. It is a debt I can not pay."

Chespirito Mezcalent

Here are six quotes from his character:

1. "¡Síganme los buenos!" - Chapulín Colorado Literally translating to, "Good people, follow my lead," this line used to be used by El Chapulín Colorado.

2. "Fue sin querer queriendo." - Chavo del Ocho Some say this phrase gets lost in translation, but we will translate it regardless: "I did it without wanting to do it."

3. "Se me chispoteó" - Chavo del Ocho Accompanied with a shoulder shrug, this line translates to "I messed up" and is one of El Chavo del Ocho's most well known lines.

Chespirito Mezcalent

4. "No contaban con mi astucia." - Chapulín Colorado "You weren't counting on my shrewdness."

5. "Bueno pero no te enojes.." - Chavo del Ocho (and cast) "Fine, but don't get mad."

6. "Eso…eso…eso" (while moving the index finger up and down) - Chavo del Ocho "Yes, yes, yes."

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