In a shocking turn of events that will leave any fast-food customer puzzled, a South Carolina man has been arrested on Monday for illegally tattooing an underage child's face inside the dining area of a McDonald’s.

Brandon Presha, a 28-year-old man from Lauren, South Carolina, has been apprehended by authorities for illegal tattooing and underage tattooing, with his bail set at $25,000, according to ABC affiliate KSTP.

The incident, which happened on Friday, Aug. 6, was caught on camera and uploaded on the social media site TikTok and quickly gained viral status. The footage shows Presha, wearing gloves, working on the arm of the unnamed underage individual in the middle of the dining area of the McDonald’s.

Tattoos are only allowed for individuals 18-years-old and above, as per South Carolina laws. Tattooing licenses are also required in the state to ensure that the inked establishments are sanitized and well-maintained to reduce the chances of infection.

The franchise owners of the McDonald’s where the bizarre incident transpired have stated that the occurrence was not in line with their values, and they have no ties or connections to Presha, The News & Observer reported.

“We are investigating the incident and will take appropriate action to ensure that my restaurant is both a safe place for my employees to work and for my customers to enjoy,” they said in a statement.

Chief of Police Chrissie Latimore said that their officers were notified of the video when people began tagging them under the viral TikTok to call their attention to it, NBC affiliate WIS News reported.

“It’s really tragic that this was going on inside this newly remodeled business because the new owners were trying to bring our McDonald’s back to life,” Latimore said.

Latimore also specified that the owners “quickly came in and worked with law enforcement to make sure something like this never happens again.”

Tattoo enthusiasts were also left disgusted by the non-sterile and open tattooing that Presha did at the McDonald’s branch.

“For the next person that comes in there,” Colt Strickland, a tattoo parlor owner, said, “What if that was your kid and they got something on them just by eating their food on the table?”

Presha is being held at the Laurens County Detention Center.

A South Carolina man has been arrested for unlicensed tattooing on a minor in the middle of a McDonald's dining area. This is a representational image. Photo by Jurji Kenda on Unsplash.

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