A convicted child rapist faces new charges for alarmingly menacing and harassing his ex-girlfriend with threats of "throwing acid on her face" and "dismembering her body into a thousand pieces", even while in jail.

Gerard McKenna, 28, of West Belfast, reportedly made these serious threats even while behind bars as he was waiting for his trial for the sex abuse of two female minors, Sunday Life reported.

The details of his recurring harassment were revealed at the Lisburn Magistrates Court last week. McKenna is accused of flooding the victim's inbox with hundreds of voicemails a week, in a barrage of repeated verbal abuse, saying he wanted her dead and buried 6 feet under.

McKenna has refused to be questioned about the incident, a prosecuting lawyer said. However, his defense counsel Michael Boyd admitted that McKenna was guilty of “inexcusable behavior.”

The suspect had pleaded guilty to harassment, breaching a non-molestation order, and continuous improper use of a telecommunication network that took place between December 2020 and April this year.

As of the writing, he is being held after being charged for raping two underage girls.

District Judge Rosie Watters expressed the seriousness and danger he had uttered, which led her to sentence him to five months’ jail on each of the three counts.

After a week-long hearing, a Craigavon Crown Court jury unanimously convicted McKenna of raping and sexually assaulting two underage victims on Dec. 23, 2019.

McKenna was said to be with a friend when they plied the two minors with vodka and offered them cocaine and diazepam at a residence Lagan Towpath, the BBC News wrote.

McKenna proceeded to sexually assault the inebriated 12-year-old girl, before then kissing and raping the 15-year-old girl that was with her.

An unnamed former associate, who lives near McKenna’s family home, said that people need to know just how evil he truly is.

“He hates women and has no respect for them, but he’ll never take a man on. He has a black heart, but like any typical bully, he’s afraid of people who will actually stand up to him,” the unnamed former acquaintance said.

“We all read the reports from his rape trial, and I have no doubt whatsoever he knew fine rightly that wee girl was 12,” the former associate added.

A man, previously convicted of raping two young girls, faces new charges for threatening his ex-girlfriend from jail, saying he plans to throw acid on her face and chop her remains into thousands of pieces. This is a representational image. PIXABAY

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