For some time, there were calls to ease the COVID policy in China. Now that this has been done, the country is left with mixed feelings as some try to ponder how life will go on with the virus still up in the air.

There are some, particularly the younger people who have allegedly tried to infect themselves on purpose. Some have different reasons for doing the unthinkable although the risks tied to it are something most had not anticipated.

"Because I don't want to change my holiday plan," an unnamed 27-year-old coder in Shanghai reportedly said. "And I could make sure I recovered and won't be infected again during the holiday if I intentionally control the time I get infected.”

Others had different takes as well. This included a 29-year-old individual who works at a state-run business in Jiaxing.

"Life was ridiculous when I had to ask my manager's permission to travel. I just want life to get back to normal," she said. "But I do worry about the elderly."

However, most seem to be regretting doing so and admit that the effects of contracting COVID were not similar to getting a cold.

"I thought it would be like getting a cold but it was much more painful," a 26-year-old woman said, admitting that her recovery was painful.

The scenario is even worse for elders who fear about repercussions of getting COVID. Tied to this is the fact that it is hard to get into hospitals and crematoriums reportedly at full capacity. Hence, there are bodies of the dead piling up.

The reported cases of actual deaths in China have been criticized by the World Health Organization, believing that the actual number of cases is not accurately being divulged, CNN reported.

As far as the relaxing of COVID restrictions, some feel that it was all done abruptly.

"Now we finally have all controls eased, but it's too sudden. The government could have done it phase by phase, region by region. Also winter is the worst season to do it. Why not wait until next spring? And why didn't the government prepare enough resources before opening up?" a 52-year-old woman from Beijing quipped.

China has loosened Covid restrictions
China has loosened Covid restrictions after nearly three years of attempting to stamp out the virus. Photo by: AFP/Noel Celis

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