Chinese New Year
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Chinese New Year is coming on January 25, 2020, and this time we will be welcoming the year of the Rat as per the Chinese zodiac. And like every time, the new year begins with the Spring Festival with hopes of fortune and happiness to be an integral part of your life in 2020.

So, in order to ensure that good fortune shines on you in 2020, the year of the Rat, here are 10 things to strictly adhere to:

1. A big no to all negative words
While negative words should be chucked out of our daily vocabulary as a whole, they should be particularly avoided during the Spring Festival. It is believed that uttering words with negative connotations like death, sick, empty, pain, poor, break, etc may end up bringing misfortune to you or your loved ones.

2. Ensure that all ceramics or glass items in your house are safe
Because breaking one would affect your prosperity and good luck. But if you do end up breaking one, just wrap it in red paper and quietly murmur prayers, asking for peace and security every year. You can then throw out the wrapped shards in a lake or river after the New Year festival is over.

3. No cleaning or sweeping
Do all the cleaning, in the day you specifically get before the Spring Festival, as it will ensure that you’ll sweep away the bad luck. But doing the same during the actual celebration may result in you sweeping away good luck instead.

4. Sharp objects like scissors, knives, etc shouldn’t be used
Almost all hair salons are closed during the holidays for this very reason as the use of sharp objects will cut your stream of wealth and success.

5. No visiting the wife’s family on New Year’s Day

Visiting her parents on New Year’s Day marital issues and thus bring bad luck to the entire family. The best time to visit will be on the 2nd day after New Year’s Day.

Year of the Rat
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6. Someone owes you money? Now, wouldn’t be the best time to ask for it. Same goes for borrowing money
Not only will it allow that person to celebrate their New Year in peace, but also the act of you marching up to their door and asking for money will bring bad luck to both parties.

The same rule is applied to borrowing money from anyone as it brings persistent bad luck of money problems the entire year.

7. Avoid fighting and crying
If you want to ensure that the coming year goes by smoothly, without any hitches, try not to fight or cry during the Spring festival and solve matters peacefully.

8. Avoid taking medicine
Though for crucial medical emergencies this rule takes a backseat, you should generally avoid visiting the doctor, undergoing surgery, and getting shots during the festival. Beaking any of these taboos may result in being sick the entire year.

9. No New Year blessings if the other person is still in bed

If you do so, the person in bed would be bed-ridden for the entire year. Also, don’t order someone to wake up for this will mark them to be bossed around for the entire year.

10. While the New Year is all about gifts, there are some particular items you should avoid
So, on this list of taboo gifts are clocks- synonymous with paying one’s last respects, splitting pears- associated with the homophone of separation, and so on. Better check whether your gift falls in this list or risk getting chewed out for not being sensible. Your call!

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